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LGBT capital of Africa - Kenya

Shameless: If the West told Kenya to Jump, the 5th column would reply ‘how high sir’ – The LGBT Capital of Africa

KENYA gearing up to become the LGBTQ capital of the AFRICA! What a shame! So, Kenya is considering the so-called Family Protection Bill 2023, which could lead to a 50-year prison sentence for non-consensual same-sex acts. With this line alone: “non-consensual same-sex acts,” you’ll know that Kenya has fully capitulated. They have bowed to the pressures of the satanic mob that seeks to destroy our way of life in AFRICA. What do you mean “non-consensual?”

So, if there’s consent, even between an adult and a minor, they can go ahead and perform homosexual acts in an official, allowed capacity on the soil of AFRICA! May God forbid you guys! What is wrong with Kenya under Ruto? Mid September, Kenya’s Supreme Court finally upheld the decision to allow the registration of LGBTQ non-governmental organizations, overturning a decade-long dispute with the National Gay and Lesbian Rights Commission, which had been denied registration by Kenya’s NGÔ coordinating Board.

So, LGBTQ organizations are now registering in their hundreds and thousands across Kenya, to brainwash and indoctrinate our children in the most perverse and profane fashion ever. The Westerners who are imposing this lifestyle on Africans aren’t even buying it. But our brother William Ruto is already all in on it. I guess that’s why CNN has been all over him lately.

It is such a shame that we have a vibrant young man like Ruto in power, and he speaks all this grammar at international events that gives the impression he’s pro-African, only to turn around and stab mother AFRICA in the chest. This is unacceptable. I can’t even begin to say how this makes me feel. Is it because of the World Bank and their useless aid? Are you afraid of the world bank withdrawing aid from you like they did Uganda? But Uganda hasn’t faded away. Uganda still stands as the beacon and will always stand. What are you afraid of, Ruto? The same Ruto who said African leaders aren’t being respected well enough.

How can they respect you when you open your mouth and eat every crap they shove down your throat? For a minute I thought we have another revolutionary in you man. How wrong I was! I mean, come on! What nonsense is this really?! I heard there has been a massive protest in Mombasa and I think Kenyans should not listen to any Family Protection Bill Rubbish that they are floating because it stops nothing. It changes nothing. And it won’t protect any decent African family in Kenya.

This is a takeover of our way of life and you guys must stand up and say no to this insanity! I think the protest should spread to every part of Kenya till that satanic thing is reversed. This is why we pray every day for the Multipolar World to speedily take shape, and it is. And soon, this evil, anti-family, anti-human Unipolar world order will be replaced with something more pro-African, more pro-family, more pro-human, and more pro-common sense. Wake up AFRICA! Wake up Kenyans! Say NO western-funded cultural coup d’etat on African soil!


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