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Abacha Loots, Abacha Loots; Are Our Leaders Mad?

Yes money has been recovered in the name of ABACHA LOOTS :I however cannot get myself to believe in this gross insanity being demonstrated by Nigerian Political Leadership regarding this issue. There are unanswered questions that is making Nigerians look stupid, and until such questions are answered, our Political Leaders are bunch of mad people for insulting our sensibility ,intelligence and integrity. The questions are;-
1)Where are the Babagida loots?
2)where are the Abdusalami loots?
3)where are the Obasanjo loots?
4)where are the Jonathan loots? and of course
5)where are the Atiku loots;since Obasanjo claimed Atiku looted more than himself??

For the records; these are recoveries from Abacha’s Loots:

1998 : $750m
2000: $64m
2002: $1.2bn
2003: $160m
2003: $88m
2005: $461m
2006: $44m
2014: $227m
2017: $322m
2019: £211m
2020: $311m

If it is not madness, why are we emboldened against the dead ABACHA when those who looted more than him are working free ,simply because they refused to die? God will not forgive our leaders for this aberration and deliberate cloud of darkness created around the so called ABACHA LOOTS.

Abacha stood against the West throughout ,he never visited any Western Country for his 5 years reign; they hated him and sanctioned him , they were trying to deprived him money legitimately earned by Nigerian Government as parts of sanctions on him; How possible that same Abacha will keep all these loots in Western Countries? Are these not monies that Abacha tried to keep away from the prying eyes of the Western countries in order to avoided the sanctions against the money,by using coded names? It is unfortunate that we are being fooled. Government must come clean on this issue; otherwise God might punish some of these leaders over this!!

Forgive my use of words ,I have written more decently but no one is acting to clear this ambiguity.

Hon. Ebenezer M. Oyetakin

Political Sensitisations Desk

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