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Exlusive! Gen Bolarinwa, Abacha’s ally reveals what & who killed MKO Abiola, Kudirat Abiola& Abacha

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  1. Mr Kay

    who is giving this motherfucker a voice?/ why do we forget so easily

  2. Gerald Space.

    Is this not the man that shot at protesters for touching his car? Why is he free and even granting interviews??

  3. Seyi Thomas

    This man is a fool. A murderer himself. Nigeria oh Nigeria! How criminals invade our space so much!

  4. ???????? ??ℂ ????????

    All of you condemning this man has no clue what it means to be a General in Nigeria. Every one coming… https://t.co/oZO4SW9GBW

  5. Kvnl3

    Shove your exclusive up where the sun doesn’t shine.

  6. Dẹbọ̀làjì

    This is the man who murdered Pelumi Onifade on camera

  7. Nsikan

    Too much talk that is why these crimimal regime dont take most of you serious. So no one knows where this criminal lives?

  8. NightWolf

    Na dis man wey kpai person for abule-egba be dis na,so dem never put am for jail throwaway the key?

  9. 1Creek

    The guy that shot at people at Abule Egba

  10. C.R.E.A.M?

    It shall not be well with them all.

  11. numba9

    Murderer given interview on a murder get this can only happen in URA

  12. Moghalu is an IMF boy! Nigeria needs a Revolution

    In all cities where protest will hold in Nigeria, let’s not fix a venue for the protests. Let us come… https://t.co/2gS9YavPxA

  13. ElegancebyRholarglow

    You’re a disgrace ! Simple.. Granting interview to a murderer caught on LIVE

  14. Am DrealComputa

    Is bc in Nigeria we are useless, u get cover from corrupt rich men in power, disintegrate nig let re model nig now

  15. OlieDoggs?

    Omo odua buruku ni eleyi o


    Murderer! FUCKING MURDERER!!!

  17. Mr Hakeem

    MURDERER!!! This man is a murderer!!

  18. Mr Hakeem

    Shame on your people big shame on you

  19. Daddy Enny (Moon Rolling Papers)?

    Eleribu ni yin ati eni to ni handle yi! Bawo le se ma gbe apaniyan s’ori amohunmaworan lai ni sekeseke l’owo!

  20. MT?

    Aren’t there persons noting these evil people and planning assassination on them already?? ?

    Or haven… https://t.co/Fv6crG1GNT

  21. ?Emperor Tosyn

    He’s a general. He’s untouchable. Just become a general, go to street, shoot like 2 people dead and go… https://t.co/9TminNECDN

  22. Prince O. Babs

    The guy wey get this tweeter handle nah were wey dey disguise. You call ursef omo Oodua rere and you b… https://t.co/KPCGkWC9f4

  23. God

    Reading this now,and my eyes are teary. Just like that he killed that innocent young lad.and as usual… https://t.co/TVdGP2sA60

  24. BuyBtcoInNigeria

    Stop the fakenews. Watch the video again, those were warning shots, watch the video again. Watch the r… https://t.co/PaPQ8q0QtH

  25. Sweat Fitness

    You interviewed a murderer? How come

  26. God all the way ???

    Y’all mad granting a murderer an interview ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  27. FreshAjepako

    you are now parading a murderer abi.

  28. ? NONSO ?

    You should be ashamed for granting him an Interview.


    Unless you wanted to set him up for dr… https://t.co/nc7VoDPSms

  29. ♦?MΛVΣ?♦

    Pls take this down. We don’t want to hear any nonsense he has to spew https://t.co/blaIbv2Dfr

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