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Babajide Sanwoolu
Babajide Sanwoolu

Open Letter To Governor Babajide Sanwoolu



, We appreciate your efforts and your outstanding performance in Lagos. You are an administrative genius and a blessing to the entire Yorùbá race and Nigeria. The entire Yorùbá race who are Omoluabis stood up for you in the last Lagos state elections. 

It was a battle between the preservers of Yorùbá civilization and the enemies; of the Yoruba race who wanted to conquer the greatest Yorùbá city state of the 21st century via politics. The last election was not politics but total war against you and the entire Yorùbá race. It is therefore suicida;l for the Lagos state government under Governor Sanwoolu not to implement policies to protect and elevate the constituency that came out strong for him in the last elections which are the Yorubas of Lagos state. 

People lost their jobs because of you Sanwo Olu, people’s careers were destroyed, People’s families were threatened, and people’s brands were attacked and denigrated by these; sons of perdition living in our midst. My picture was put on social media by the Zikist Obidients and death threats were issued against me and my family. We didn’t bulge because we know what is at stake. 

Governor Babajide Sanwoolu have you forgotten how your family including your brother was targeted for harm during the ENDSARS riots? Have you forgotten how Nnamdi Kanu was giving orders for those rioters to target you, Tinubu, and Lagos’s critical infrastructures and investments? They were not ordinary rioters but enemies within our walls who wanted to weaponize the freedom of democracy to orchestrate a 21st-century state capture. 

We are the people who will tell you what the politically correct elites will not tell you because of their double face and lack of loyalty to the Yoruba people they represent within Nigeria. We didn’t do all this because of money, power, and position in fact we never demanded one Kobo.

 Instead, millions of our own hard-earned money to mobilize the conservative bloc across Yorubaland to save Lagos from falling into the hands of our eternal; enemies who swore to chase you out of Alausa and destroy President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s legacy in Lagos and Yorùbáland. We have had enough of trying to be politically correct with people mocking you on your Twitter page as of last year not because you didn’t perform but because you are “YORÙBÁ” and an impediment in their evil; plan to capture Lagos. 2027 and 2031 are not far and we will be here insha Allah. We are not asking for too much.

 Prioritize the indigenes of Lagos in social and economic opportunities in Lagos state. It would be a grave; mistake for the APC Lagos state to underestimate our resolve and our influence in mobilizing people for political actions in Lagos state. 

We are not doing it for money and many Yorubas both at home and in the diaspora are ready to ensure a Yorùbá governor who will preserve Yorùbáland sits in Lagos. Why should you give in to blackmail: when your people have your back? A war was declared on you and you managed to survive. Those who planned; your destruction in 2023 will try it again with other Yorùbá leaders in 2027 and the future. We know the sacrifices of Awolowo, Akintola, Jakande, Tinubu, and past leaders in Lagos in order to preserve that glorious Yorùbá city-state in Nigeria from being hijacked by Zikists. 

We want more Eko indigenes first programs and initiatives in Lagos state. Empower your people aggressively and radically. The elites are not loyal to you except in their pocket. We are not money-driven because we don’t need your money but are ideologically driven. One thing is certain, if you paint the whole of Lagos state with gold and diamond, those who wanted to harm you during ENDSARS will do it again because of the hate they harbour. The clock is ticking sir. Thank you very much sir and may God bless you and your family. God bless Lagos state, God bless Tinubu, God bless Yorùbáland, God bless Nigeria. 

CC: @mudashiru_obasa

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