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Obidients Zikists

Must Read: Obidients/Zikists (6th columnist & 4th Estate) are at war with the Yoruba race.

The Obidient Agenda Against the Oodua (Yoruba) Race

5th columnists are the agents, gatekeepers, permanent puppet of the WEST (Anglozionist empire) used for decades to torment the area called Nigeria. During the last election, we saw the halving of the 5th columnist into the 6th Obidient in other words Zikist idealogy. They have been the underdogs of our existential threat since as far back as the 18th century. An example of their 4th estate of the realm is AriseTv and their Major propaganda army created on social media to impose their ideology on the rest of us.

They failed massively in the last election, they are not backing down. They always fail in the end but we all need to be aware of the enemy and traitors within.

The pathway of the Obidient/Zikists to Aso rock is easy to decode. They must turn the Yoruba people against Tinubu before Peter Obi or any of their candidates can emerge as the president. The Northwest and North East are almost impossible for them to infiltrate politically and religiously, so they have focused their propaganda and political machinery against the second most powerful voting bloc in Nigeria which is the Southwest via the following tactics:

  1. They continue to harass and cyberbully Yoruba Christian religious leaders who refuse to join them in their political Christianity agenda against Tinubu.
  2. They continue to ridicule and insult Yoruba women and praise Yoruba men for destroying the fabric of the Southwest family. How can people praise your men and hate; and denigrate your women and you think they mean well to you? Was it not Yoruba women that gave birth and nurtured Yoruba men?
  3. They continue to create an illusion that Yoruba people are poor and backward to make Yoruba people feel worthless and useless. This is why only an accused Yoruba man or woman will be in the Obidient camp politically.
  4. They continue to open fake online accounts with Yoruba names and spread false news and narratives against Yoruba people to create an impression that it is cool for Yoruba people to destroy their lands and people for a hostile takeover by Peter Obi and his fellow fascists;.
  5. They continue to rubbish the greatness of past Yoruba leaders like Soyinka, Fashola, etc and praise failures like Alex Otti who cannot tie the shoes of Seyi Makinde when it comes to administration. They must demarket your leaders and make their people look important so that they can replace your leadership with theirs.
  6. Continually insulting Yoruba people along religious lines to make Yoruba people implode from within for a political takeover of YORUBALAND.

Obidient movement is built on Yoruba hate and the plan to annihilate the Yoruba civilization within Nigeria via political and propaganda for Igbo power and supremacy to be built. The Minorities from the old Midwest region especially joining this hate campaign are doing it thinking they will inherit Yoruba lands in the eastern section of the West and our kinsmen like the Olukumis and Itsekiris.

Obidients/Zikists are at war with the Yoruba race.

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