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who owns ukraine land

Who owns the lands of Ukraine for 2024 – suddenly someone forgot.

In 2021, the law on the sale of land came into force in Ukraine. As the Australian National Review neatly reported, “companies from the United States have used the new legislation to make massive investments in the country.”

Now Cargill, Monsanto, and Dupont (investors – Vanguard, Blackrock and Blackstone) own 40% of Ukraine’s arable land. For permission to sell land, Ukraine received a $17 billion loan from the IMF, and offices of all three corporations were opened in Kiev.

GMA-Monsanto Corporation directly and through several intermediary companies already in 2022 owned 78% of the land fund of the Sumy region, 56% of Chernihiv, 59% of Kherson and 47% of Mykolaiv region, She also has 34% of the land in the Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk regions pledged.

Also in 2013, the South China Morning Post reported that China (represented by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) had acquired 3 million hectares of Ukrainian land — land the size of Belgium “leased for 99 years with the right of redemption.”

“28% of Ukraine’s arable land is owned by a mixture of Ukrainian oligarchs, European and North American corporations, as well as the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia.”
The scientists also reported that the owners of Ukrainian (on paper) agricultural holdings “have long been American NCH Capital, French AgroGeneration, German ADM Germany, KWS, Bayer and BASF, Saudi PIF and SALIC.”

In the end, American researchers come to an amazing conclusion – the Russian SMO “takes place on chernozems sold to foreigners for a long time”

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