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Naija Gist Special: Can of Worms. #sexforgrades

I also became a victim of a departmental head just because the man found me in the room of the girl he was harassing and felt I was his competition. This thing is so rife. If they want leads of the man I am talking about, I will provide.

In fact this incident led to a fracas some of my classmates would relate to. I was the only one who confronted him when he came to threaten people in my class. And he carried out his threat by asking his protege lecturer to fail me in a course I passed with 98% grade the year before.

It was the only exam in my life I was marked ‘failed’.

I was advised to write the resit before I called for my paper. Now, my final year exams coincided with that resit.

I was up for it and slammed it. They still pegged me to 40% the pass mark.

The head of department actually came into my exam room, during the final year exams, and accused me of ‘allowing some guy behind me to copy my work’.

I knew what was up. I protested at the absurdity. He said I should cover my paper! The dude who was supposed to be copying my paper carried on writing while I was asked to stand up for 15 minutes.

He felt that would unsettle me.

Well I function best under pressure. So in the end, I finished the whole questions and collected 2 extra papers to fill out answers.

I have never been more focused.

Of course, the mark downs affected my overall GP but I decided that I was going to make the most of my life.

When I relocated to the UK, I found that the lecturer who was used to mark me down was writing his PhD up in Scotland.

I have told our mutual friends that I would confront him anytime our paths crossed.

He hasn’t finished the course since. Is he a dunce too? Loooool.

Look, this epidemic of authority rape is not only affecting the girls. Molesting students is bad. Totally bad. Despicable and morally bankrupt.

The boys are victims too. I was one. If I wasn’t bright and brave, it could have ruined me. And my parents investment in my education.

There was another lecturer in the same department who harassed my female classmate to the point where she had to get pregnant just to stave off the mindless harassment.

The lecturer boasted that he will wait for her to deliver the baby or would be just as pleased if she was up for it during the pregnancy!

She had to defer her study.

The man is still lecturing there till today.

We have a culture of molestation in all institutions in Nigeria. I don’t care which. It has to be confronted.

Just hear the response of UNILAG authorities! They know all of them will face the firing squad . It’s that bad.


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