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Coronavirus: Nigerian 2nd and 3rd case Scenario

“The 2nd confirmed case is a Nigerian who came in contact with the index case, the Italian; he tested positive initially, but now he has tested negative and has been discharged…..”

“The 3rd case is a 30 year old Nigerian lady who came back from the UK and self-isolated. …..”

Why have the naysayers suddenly stopped asking for the names of the patients? Does it mean that the Nigerian patients do not have names?

Those who mocked and derided the government, and insisted that it was all scam aimed at “chopping” money are the same people now asking government to wake up and block all entries into Nigeria.

Evil people everywhere…..

If Nigeria contains this virus, they will swear with their lives that corona never knew that Nigeria existed, much less visited Nigeria.

But if the virus spreads in Nigeria, then they will swear that Nigerian government is the most useless government in the whole world.

How a nation is so “blessed” with so many citizens so full of despondency and skepticism!


Charles Kaye Okoye

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