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Pandemic: Political and economic consequences underneath a false flagged health banner

by Apogee for the Saker Blog

This article discusses the political and economic consequences underneath the false flagged health banner while some rake in the cash. Starting with a segment of the west, the article moves to compare and contrast what is different in ZoneB countries. The very latest up to the minute announcements from various countries are put in perspective, concluding with the only actions that now seem possible. To set the scene, this is not ‘the perfect manuscript’ but is intended to tell the story from a Faction Three* and ZoneB’er perspective.

5 Eyes west plus parts of Europe – The Development of 3 factions.

Faction 1 – Governments, Big Pharma and Pro-Vaxxers

From the outset, this group wanted to be legitimized, no matter the inanities that they preached. (Remember SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) was going to be dusted and done with by last summer as the heat would make it go or it will be only two weeks to save grandma).

This group was quick to snatch the financial and economic first mover advantage and poured literally millions of Dollars into new and untested vaccines. Money for friends, in large conglomerates, flowed like water.

This led to fighting for draconian control of the population and to de-legitimizing any other group, supposedly under a health banner.

Today, the message is clear: Kill the dissidents (in open words) or make them go away in some manner creating social segregation under dictats. (A dictat is an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent).

The qualities of this faction are in general:

  • MSM readers
  • “Experts” announcing and pronouncing clashing guidance throughout the time.
  • It is typified by Big Pharma, types like Rockefellers, Foundations, Think Tanks, bought off Scientists and Big Labs.
  • We see a neo-liberal elitism, a close cousin of its fascist version.
  • They pretend to speak for all of humanity (Davos types, Big Reset types).
  • They are known to use fascist methods of clear propaganda and censorship tools to remain in control. Take a look at the Canadian military leaders who saw the advent of the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public. https://nationalpost.com/news/national/defence-watch/military-leaders-saw-pandemic-as-unique-opportunity-to-test-propaganda-techniques-on-canadians-forces-report-says/

The last almost two years have typified disaster capitalism thinking spectacularly. They want to make you safe by implementing a biosecurity state. In a nutshell, for this faction, the arrival of the 2020 pandemic was about as accidental as the sun rising in the east. They created a pandemic narrative that is nothing but a cover story to conceal from the public what in reality is the biggest asset transfer ever (more about this following in economic sections).

Their army is the woke.

Today, no one in government seems to know the goal anymore. Could be: slow the spread, minimize infections, drive down the R naught, eradicate the bug, reduce severity, create a germ-free world, or is it just maximize compliance with any and all ‘controlled bullshittery’? Administrations are full of mediocre people who don’t give a damn what the goal is, as long as they can feel important making others jump through the hoops they hold. And Big Pharma is not there for your health, but is only focused on profit.

These administrations saw the opportunity (no matter whether they created it or not, that is another story) as the ultimate opportunity to write their names into the Annals of the Greatest Leaders ever, making the wisest forward looking statements in the history of our world, and everyone, without fail, made the biggest fools of themselves that this Zone B’er has ever seen.

And SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) had the last laugh.

It is not surprising that in this ceaseless torrent of propaganda designed to make sure people don’t understand, but act mindlessly, thinking that they are doing the best for themselves and their neighbors, that the following developed:

Faction 2 – Dissidents

The main component is anti-vaxxers, most of whom do not know history of vaccinations or the beginnings of health care, nevertheless, that is their banner. On the surface of it, they fight for their health, but it is actually a freedom fight against the de-legitimization of their rights.

Their army is:

  • The workers
  • Clinton’s deplorables
  • Alt media readers
  • Yellow vests
  • They are almost comically anti-China
  • You find anti-zionists and Christian Zionists. (See Texas, Arizona and Florida removing investment in Univelever because Ben and Jerry’s Icecream stopped selling icecream in the Occupied Territories).
  • Most of the black population in the US, especially groups like BLM who are remaining anti-vaxx. A Federal employee named Lee suggested that census should go door-to-door looking for vaccine holdouts, and when someone without the shot is found, they “blow [the SARS-COV2] vaccine into them. Blow dart it into them!.”
  • Large swathes of these groupings are convinced that they speak for all of humanity and are spectacularly misinformed, especially alt media one world government believers.
  • Conspiratorial to the max.
  • A few really clever and intelligent and educated high fliers in various aspects of health care. These are followed slavishly and passed along slavishly with no analysis – becoming instant ‘tube’ stars. Nobody asks them the hard questions.
  • An interesting aspect of this faction is that it has internalized imperialist ideology and basically thinks that what other countries say is irrelevant, unless they are in their own western sphere. There is a real resistance to even know what others do, (excepting, everything is China’s fault).
  • In the beginning the great cry SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) does not exist appeared in this grouping, while we now know it does and it is becoming very clear who made it. Today, it is delta does not exist.

This is such a good example of the complete false information spread in this faction:

The world media had been naming new strains according to their place of origin: “Brazilian”, “British”, “South African” and, as a rule, this did not meet with objections. When a new strain arose in India, and the world media began to call it “Indian” by analogy with the others, voices began to be heard in India that it was racism. It is difficult to say whether this was a politically-inspired or government campaign, or only the views of individual ultra-radicals, but one way or another, due to the political correctness of the WHO, it began to use the letters of the Greek alphabet to describe the strains. (Whether this constitutes racism towards the Greeks is a separate question.)

This is of course why Delta exists and why it is not called the Indian strain.

Faction 3 – The quiet ones

These are the knowledgeable, the educated; they may be accepting of vaccinations or not; and this group wants to discuss these events with smarts and sense in terms of how modern humanity should and can handle this global outbreak.

Discussions of therapeutics vs vaccinations or both or a different solution in a time of plague is a common discussion point in this group and they tend not to see the necessity for vaxxes, and strongly insist that other solutions exist, which of course they do. This group includes real committed physicians and medical staff who quickly had developed a number of treatment modalities and started speaking about early and effective treatments. This group acknowledge that we may be in extreme circumstances and for that, we must have a common conversation and real disclosure about vaccinations, but they also acknowledge that trust in the first group is Zero for good reason. This is the Faction that asked: “Hey, what’s in that vaccine?” “We’re in a very serious health threat for all the world, so, 20% ingredients being ‘proprietary’ does not satisfy me.” “Either respond to a global emergency or I consider you questionable.” “Why did the animals in the original animal studies die?” “What is the confidence level that these substances will not cause long term harm if they have not been subject to long term tests?” You see where I am going with this? And never did I find an answer to even the first question, excepting for the Sputnik-V vaccines and to my astonishment, quite open on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sputnik_V_COVID-19_vaccine.

Punitive action, cancellation and complete disdain was and still is shown by Faction One and Faction two against this group because insisting on quality information without hysterics is verboten.

The Narrative

Most of the SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) memes (new media and alt media) spread like hotcakes in the western sphere. The newly developed Factions created an instant steaming social microcosm. Because these groupings exist without, in the main, strong medical, virology, epidemiology and such backgrounds, their works soon became shared delusions based on common grievances, the embrace of conspiracy theories, and other politically relevant affinities. This lead to retardation and devolution in the public discourse, to shaming and counter shaming and what we have today is savagery. The MSM and woke social groupings and niche media in the western sphere split citizens into mutually distrustful sub-groups with incompatible visions and no unity. They agree on nothing much, excepting that China must be opposed and they want their freedom. How much do you think BLM (anti vaxx) and far right organizations (anti vaxx), agree on, and what do you think the concept of ‘freedom’ is in those diametrically opposed ideologies of hatred? Is this a ‘unity’ that has any hope for a future?

In fairness, despite the vast differences, the quality of the agreement is strong. The agreement is based on personal sovereignty or civilization, but it is early to say this. Just perhaps this unity could overcome differences, or at least agree on the most important human values.

Yet, on all sides we watched weaponized arrogance. Health became an expedient tool, yet Faction Two started educating themselves without, in many cases, the necessary logical basis for their stances and Faction Three learned and studied. Many ‘evil ones’ were created by the Factions : Trudeau, Soros, Johnson, Ardern, Macron, Tam, Gates, Biden, Harris and CEO’s of Big Pharma and stories of table exercises of pandemics to confirm the so-called ‘planned nature’, without knowing that these table exercises are regular occurrences and regular exercises in every decent medical or epidemiological council of every country in the world, just like war gaming. All of a sudden, everything takes on the shape of ‘they’re coming to get us’.

It is a new reality and this is what the fight is all about.

Although most economists agree that a western financial reset must happen, or is in the slippery slide of happening, this reset is as a result of years of mismanagement, moving to a financialized FIRE economy, kicking the financial can down the road with loading and re-loading supposed value on valueless commodities and creating new financial instruments out of old and already clapped out, in a mad rent-seeking scramble. So, in the west, they tried to use SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) as the reset. It is not working. We do not see B3 or The Charles Schwaub reset working. We only see that the can cannot be kicked down the road any longer and that the resistance to the savage Covid control measures, whether driven by good logic or not, is becoming greater and greater.

  • 9/11 was seen as a financial reset,
  • The 2008 financial crash attempted to reset,
  • and here comes a virus called SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) with its competing narratives and oh so quickly we start talking about the Great Reset, which is new fodder for the second Faction, and new narratives are born. They’re coming to kill us all. Readers, if ‘they’ wanted to kill us all, ‘they’ would not go to the trouble of using a bad vaccine. There are easier ways.

There was a background play here. People were coming together in their dislikes of their administrations and by hook or by crook this unity had to be broken. Now today, an underclass of non-vaccinated is being fomented and created because the western sphere must have their enemy, even if it is their very own people. You must conform to the new ideology which this writing will argue is breaking down, or you will be thrown to the wolves, segregated as untermenschen. (This is happening in New York as we speak, as medical personnel is being dismissed, school bus drivers are being dismissed and replaced with national guard).

These, are political schisms and have nothing to do with health. Then, it is economic, because we see that the vaccinated will be advantaged economically. One can only wonder what might have happened had all vaccinations been made not for profit, but on a fair cost+ basis? But profit is mandated for the Big Pharma companies in this scheme.

So, the virus and the vaxx and health passport narratives were simply used to economically inculcate a shortage of action on Main street, and an increase of action for Wall Street and in this way stave off or manage better, the pending economic collapse. Now, this effort cannot move against the headwinds that the populations are creating. The economy in the west struggles to re-open and recover as mega inflation waits and the west is being kept afloat by printing money. Is it then a surprise that the political game was to pit one against the other to fight, while the economy was attempted to be reset in the favor of Wall street?

Whatever you believe, it is clear that the deceptive part of the SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) management is indeed an attack on your health, your career, your life and your civil liberties, all in aid for propping up elites and Big Conglomerates. It piles the advent of a virus driven pandemic on top of an attempt to yet again make the western economies survive. It is disaster capitalism (refer The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein).

But yeah, it is all for your health and for keeping you safe while the cops down in Australia and other places storm women and sit on them, choke them with choke-holds that cut off the carotid blood-flow, and violently arrest them. This is not normal. For your health, they will sit on you and arrest you – Can you say false flag health umbrella – because now we do not have a SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) pandemic, but a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated that the police sit on and choke, presumably for somebody’s health.

Yet, SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) still exists. It did and it does today. All false flags have some measure of reality, otherwise they will not be able to be sold to an unsuspecting population and in this case, the false flag is not the disease. If the public debate is not allowed, it is symptomatic of something that is deeply wrong. If fair conversation is ruled out, then something is really wrong. If the data has been polluted both in terms of SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) cases, in terms of SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) deaths, utilization of health care like beds in hospitals, in terms of vaccines and the reporting systems (Vaers etc) are open ended and can be manipulated, then something is really very wrong.

The divide and conquer strategy between Faction One and Faction Two was devastatingly effective. Public debate was thus forced into the dark corners of the small and frequently deplorable media and it returned from there with deep anger, political anger, economic anger, but health? Not much of that … it is anti or no-vax or hard pro-vax polarization and I want my freedom dammit! Only two polarized positions were possible and the third faction started withdrawing their voices.

What is the false medical flag? The western economies were already in lockdown. The financial can cannot be kicked down the road any longer. The financialized economies that only benefit the MICIMAT, and not the main street dweller could no longer be bigger and better. It seemed fine capitalist policy to, under the guise of a virus, lock down Mainstreet to stop all commerce, to the benefit of Wall street and change the economic balance between the people and the elites. As the governments underwrote the vaccine industry, there was a privatization of public assets and increased public debt.

In addition, this ponzi was an attempt to get a leg up on the fierce de-dollarization happening as we speak.

Yet, even in the midst of a global pandemic there was time for politicking as the west has many people that are not doing productive work and can put their efforts to work to implement the new normal. Does anyone know what the new normal is? Or are we being memed into distraction?

Neither Group One, nor Group Two can be taken seriously or believed.

Who do you think benefited from planting these memes in a divide and conquer strategic space. Of course the Big Pharma companies. These types are worse than the sellers of weapons of mass destruction and they do not follow any precautionary principle that is not enforced. (A good movie is The Constant Gardener, based on a John le Carré thriller, to understand the tactics). The break in the common discussion space benefited Big Pharma greatly. They could easily predict how big their market was, and proceeded with second or third shots to start using up their vaccine manufacturing potential while threatening smaller countries. But they were not as good at spinning up a new vaccine industry, and in Japan, people died from badly manufactured vaccines where the vials deposited glass fragments into the substance. That was fresh meat for the ‘they’re coming to kill us’ faction and in stark comparison with ZoneB countries, who actively developed anti-virals, while existent anti-virals in the west were restricted to further benefit major Wall Street Big Pharma Behemoths. (It is not strange that Japan then re-certified Ivermectin for SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) treatment).

Vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal indemnity should they cause harm. The USA’s Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) grants immunity until at least 2024.

The EU’s product licensing law does the same, and there are reports of confidential liability clauses in the contracts the EU signed with vaccine manufacturers.

The UK went even further, granting permanent legal indemnity to the government, and any employees thereof, for any harm done when a patient is being treated for SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) or “suspected SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)”.

An Albanian vaccine purchase contract was leaked and this suggested that Pfizer at least, made this indemnity a standard demand of supplying SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) vaccines:

Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless [ the Vaccine Supplier ] from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses

Did you know that the vaccine supply contracts in many cases prohibited the use of any other existent or new anti-virals or repurposed medications effective for SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)? Governments were locked in and while their citizens begged for existent repurposed anti-virals, the only solution that was proffered was and still is being proffered, is vaccines. Forced vaccinations. Big Pharma and Wall Street and any small health company are laughing all the way to the bank. Yes, the smaller and alternative health companies benefited tremendously whether they were canceled or in some cases canceled themselves to simply change their business strategy.

Indemnity was not the only issue though. Some countries had to pledge assets from their wealth funds to obtain vaccines while being prohibited under contract from using anything else. Talk about fascist Big Pharma.

It is thus that 2020 has brought forward the Demise of the West, where capitalism seeks profits under the guise of a false health flag.

Let’s now contrast this with ZoneB, the term that we use as a placeholder for anything non-hegemon or the resistance countries that were dealing with these very same SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) problems.

When vaccines arrived in earnest, the world political game started in earnest. The strong western contingent in the WHO would not approve of Russian or even the initially less effective Chinese vaccines. This is the percentage of vaccine acceptance currently, if you homogenize the world’s population: Only 10% of the world’s population has taken the first dose of vaccine. Something is not working for the governments and their Big Pharma contingents here, despite the marketing, the incentives offered or the efforts at making vaccines mandatory.

The west was struggling to implement their economic plans, their citizens became more and more ungovernable, and at least China and Russia said no thank you to the Scary Reset, from the outset. In reality, they did not even say no thank you, they just laughed in their sleeves and those words would not pass their lips. Countries that did not want to be involved, or are under sanctions or blockades made their own vaccines. Refer Cuba.

In the west, this was time for memes. Despite the resistance from Faction Two as described, the memes that became ubiquitous still consist of mindless repeating of the China virus, or the they wanna kill us all or it is all a one world government plot.

What did the resistance countries do? We do not see major street action as we now see in London, Berlin, Australia and now Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world that now needs jab number four to be considered fully vaccinated. While the virulent alt-media in the western sphere whipped up the fires of revolt, the US is still mainly revolt and street action free but oh do they rejoice in street action in other countries. They look to me like wussies, cheering on the others to fight their fight for them while they speak up in school board meetings only.

Why do we not see this in the more mature ZoneB countries?

In China for example, there is more of a communal bottom-up decision making and consequently more trust in their government. This is existential and a difference in civilizational mores.

China immediately devised clear policy, which was Zero SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) and immediate spot lock-downs at local spot outbreaks, excellent follow-up with contact tracing, their testing worked as they instituted quality standards and quality controls and knew that their accuracy was between 70 and 90%. They appointed a select number of companies that were allowed to manufacture tests and selected transporters for the tests. They streamlined their testing procedures, brought their testings labs into hospitals for quick turnaround and one of their quality measures was that tests needed to be assessed in the laboratory within 4 hours of being taken. They also went back to the laboratory, created new and different tests and combined their health and treatment protocol with Traditional Chinese Medicine. They developed new anti-viral medication. In other words they created an industry while dancing on the head of a pin, quickly, effectively and acceptable to their citizens.

In addition, they lectured the physicians at John’s Hopkins on these methods. You never knew this, did you, as nobody paid attention because Faction building was more important.

In contrast, western governments fuddled forth in complete incompetence without policy.

Tests worked for China as China spun up the industry. And they tested and retested and now we have rapid tests, new tests, and a massive new industry developed.

China has just reached a billion people that are partially or fully vaccinated. Their approach was health first, economy second, and as we all know, their economy is still thriving.

Of course, the west cannot accept this as superior management or clear policy and objective setting with superb follow-through. It is China’s fault that the US could not do this. Of course, vaccination in China is neither mandatory nor compulsory. Of course, everything remains China’s fault.

Why Does the United States Have 448 Times More SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) Cases Than China?

Check out the SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) data (updated daily) posted at WorldOMeter. I do not know what your reaction will be, but I was stunned by the numbers. China has one of the lowest infection rates and death rates attributable to SARS-COV2 (Covid-19). The United States, in stark contrast, has one of the highest in the world. Are we to believe that China has a better vaccine regimen? Does this mean that China has a far superior health care system than the United States? Perhaps.

But I think these numbers point to something far more sinister–it is circumstantial evidence that China deliberately targeted the United States, Western Europe and Latin America with the virus.”

https://turcopolier.com/why-does-the-united-states-have-448-times-more-SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)-cases-than-china/

What did Russia do? Russian people felt more relaxed from the early days they had their functional anti-viral medications. They developed 4 new vaccines, 3 new anti-viral medications (I believe excellent and effective products). The Russian vaccines are being used in something like 70 countries and re-manufactured in some of those. They tried to do a vaccine mandate, the Russian people would not have it, so Mr.Putin declared that vaccination is neither mandatory nor compulsory. They counted correctly, so they could and still do manage outbreaks with the dead-simple R0 metric. Together with excellent reporting on size of outbreak, where, when, how and what to do, their process was completely different from China, but the one standout aspect, is that the Russian people (while grumbling) mainly understood and did not consider that their state is against them (confirmed by recent election results).

Russia followed a mixed approach, supported its citizens with financial support as best they could. They were certainly not as draconian as China with their epidemiology and health policies, but have this SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) epidemic under control so far. (Excepting in the last few days their SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) cases are increasing.) Now, before I hear the claims about SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) Cases, they count properly in Russia, so, for Faction Two, there is no need to tell us what a case is, or is not. In Russia, in contrast to the Western bloc, a case is properly diagnosed and not an opportunity for a government grant or bigger claim for hospitals treating the conditions.

Russia, with the assistance of their Sovereign Health Fund, went back to the research laboratories in a big way.

Just recently The Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology announced that they have a highly effective new vaccine that is now in test … “For the first time, a vaccine has been developed that is effective simultaneously against influenza A subtype H1, influenza A subtype H3, influenza In the Yamagata line, influenza In the Victoria line and SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) SARS-Cov-2.” The Gamaleya Center managed to create vaccines against all five viruses based on a single vector (based on serotype 5 adenovirus) and using a single technology, which allows them to be produced fairly inexpensively in similar cycles and mixed into a combined vaccine. This is a real breakthrough!

Moreover, if necessary, the technology allows you to easily change the vaccine to new variants of viruses, as well as quickly adapt it for almost any other enveloped single-stranded RNA viruses (influenza and coronavirus belong to this type).

From this description, let us look at another cringeworthy western moment.

The question is why does Putin think vaccination is the solution? Is there no adverse vaccine effect database in Russia, or is it understated and ignored as in the West? Has no one told Putin about the successful use of Ivermectin in India to control the virus? Has Putin not been told that the Tokyo Medical Society has endorsed Ivermectin? https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/08/28/tokyo-medical-society-endorses-ivermectin/ The same questions can be asked about heads of other governments.

https://www.unz.com/proberts/the-russian-SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)-vaccines/

The reality of course is that Russia has its own anti-virals and treatments for SARS-COV2 (Covid-19). Three of them, to be precise and developing more. And to the dismay of anyone that actually gets it, the Russian vaccines (and the Chinese vaccines) are not displaying the adverse effect rates as with the modern western developed vaxxes.

Yet, with all of that, the advice from the Valdai Club to Russia is as follows and I deeply disagree that more vaccines are the answer:

As a result, against the background of all these unfulfilled optimistic medical predictions (as a political scientist, however, I quite understand their use as strategies to placate society), a simple non-physician is tempted to make his own prediction. If we draw an analogy between the mutations of the coronavirus and the mutations of the influenza virus, then from a purely logical point of view it will be necessary to say that the world is waiting for a chronic pandemic of the coronavirus, that this pandemic will always exist. It will erupt and fade, just like flu epidemics, but it will always be. At least until the moment when some new virus replaces SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)-19, as SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) itself has practically pushed the influenza virus out of the global population. And if there is always an epidemic, then it is clear that introducing lockdowns forever, with each new outbreak happening 2-3 times a year, is by no means an option. Therefore, humanity must learn to live with this chronic pandemic. And constantly (perhaps 2-3 times a year) to develop new vaccines and mass produce them.

I don’t know about you dear reader, but I do not want to live in a world where I need 3 jabs a year (or a few sniffs and snorts) for some level of safety or to remain alive.

You can now sniff your booster:  World’s first aerosolized inhalable SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)-19 vaccine moves toward approval, ‘better effects as booster’


Recently, in China, Xi Jinping laid down the law. It is not very visible in the news sources that he instructed his medical and research cadres to find a way to eradicate this scourge, which leads to cartoons as follows:

I would say, Valdai Club, go away. It is not normal for the human population to have to take 3 jabs a year to survive.

Xi Jingping, yes, eradicate.

What did Cuba do? They developed their own vaccine, in fact with very limited resources they developed four different vaccines, and people trust the vaccines. They are gifting to other Latin American countries as best they can. They followed the best of masking and cleaning policies that were available to them, because they are under blockade. China and surrounding countries flew in plane loads and ship loads of equipment to Cuba, and Cuba reciprocated by sending their doctors to fraternal countries to assist. The main Cuban vaccine, Abdala, is now being delivered to Vietnam and other countries are interested. Cuba says that they took time, tested thoroughly and there is no reason for the WHO to hold up registration of their vaccines. (Knowing the composition of the WHO, it would be a miracle if any Cuban vaccine gets registered at the WHO).

What did Mexico do? (Arguably a young Zone B country – Refer CELAC) Well, they bought Russian vaccines to start with but they have somewhat of a mix. In addition, they unified as opposed to divide their citizens. There is nobody out in public without a mask, they follow hand sanitizing routines different from other countries but everyone is walking around with a little spray bottle of medical alcohol, as they admitted from the outset that they are not a rich country and cannot implement expensive methods. Supermarkets instituted cleanliness routines and grocery carts were wiped down with alcohol before anyone used them. They had hand sanitizing and temperature measurement routines at the doors. They also locked down with one proper lockdown but supported their citizens. Vit D3 and Vit C appeared on well stocked supermarket shelves as well as Ivermectin can be bought over the counter – no questions asked.

Whereas in the west masks became a symbol of division, in the Latin Americas masks became a symbol of unity against a virus, not a symbol of governmental repression and subsequent revolt against a government.

The major differences

In the west there was utter mistrust, a deep erosion of trust of governments who implemented disaster capitalism and political disunity and uncertainty, where the profit motive exceeded the health issues by orders of magnitude.

In the ZoneB countries there is unity.

The second most major difference that became clear during time is that the adverse reactions of the vaccines in ZoneB are within small tolerances and all external countries that use them, report almost no immediate adverse reactions. I could not believe my own statement and widely consulted with China watchers in China to confirm what I am saying here. No, they are not dealing with extreme adverse reactions and their population accepts their vaccinations without being coerced.

In none of these countries are vaccines mandatory but the cohesion between state and citizen stands out clearly. And people are not falling over dying of enlarged hearts, massive clusters of all kinds of cancers that present as mature are not found, blood clots are not being reported and young people are not complaining of being sterilized with these vaxxes.

(In all fairness, we have to bear in mind that we have testimony of these conditions from many ordinary doctors but we do not have overwhelming proof that these are all vaccine related. On the other hand, we cannot rule it out).


China, we know is functional economically.

Mr Putin just reported that Russia is in full recovery economically even while they still have Covid outbreaks although Russian citizens will not see and feel it immediately. The recession caused by the coronavirus epidemic has been completely overcome, the president said.

Western countries are so committed to their flawed policies that they now have to come up with all kinds of gifting methods (like a kids toy in a MacDonalds Happy Meal) to try and roll out their vaccines. Now they are making threats and using fascist techniques to hide their own death squads. For example, Justin Trudeau says that vaccine passports are “all about” rewarding certain freedoms to people who have “done the right thing”— and that those who “still resist” simply won’t get to enjoy those same freedoms. Aussie PM offers lockdown-frustrated people ‘gift’ of getting their lives back by Christmas, but with QR codes & other measures in place. (Btw, same promise he made last year).

Underneath this lies the vaccine purchase contracts. This is a money play and not a health play. It is not even an economic play, but is hard money extraction. Once it is a money play, it becomes a political play.

The MSM cannot disguise the vaccine adverse events any longer. They cannot disguise the case of Israel, the highest and earliest vaccinated population in the world, with currently a peaking rate of SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) from vaccinated people. What good are these vaxxes then? But, they cannot stop, as the money underlying their vaccine policies is too big to fail and if they stop now for a more realistic approach, Wall street is in danger and the lovely grab bag of government handouts to Big Pharma will cease. It is typical where cash is spent for ‘friends in high places’ and this vaccine development was rushed, and is a clear Wall Street move. Please note that the Trump administration already signed this into action on 19 September 2019. This date raises a huge question but is not the focus of this writing:

Donald Trump signs Executive Order 13887, establishing a National Influenza Vaccine Task Force whose aim is to develop a “5-year national plan (Plan) to promote the use of more agile and scalable vaccine manufacturing technologies and to accelerate development of vaccines that protect against many or all influenza viruses.” This is to counteract “an influenza pandemic”, which, “unlike seasonal influenza […] has the potential to spread rapidly around the globe, infect higher numbers of people, and cause high rates of illness and death in populations that lack prior immunity”.

Monies given to the pharmaceuticals reached exorbitant and extraordinary amounts. In some cases, out and out loans where the purported repayment is shadowed, some grants and mostly as an exchange, i.e., money paid upfront for vaccines delivered in future. Can you see that these are convoluted and there is no payback, excepting from the pocket of main street or from the money printer?

This is today (time of writing)

  • And now, Norway has terminated all Covid restrictions and downgraded Covid to a ‘strong flu’ and they will not implement health passports.
  • In Sweden Covid restrictions are scheduled to end at end September.
  • The Danish government is ending Covid restrictions.
  • The President of Croatia has also declared that they will not vaccinate anymore.
  • In the US, the ‘Spartacus COVID Letter’ is going viral.
  • In Australia they are still beating up people and various levels of restrictions still exist in various places.
  • In South Africa, the business bureau has joined hands with the tourist restaurant business and are giving discounts for tourists that show their vaccination cards but no more restrictions.
  • News is just in that Japan is set to lift all virus emergency steps nationwide.
  • The Police Commissioner of New South Wales has refused to enforce the state’s vaccine passport mandate, revealing that officers will not be checking people’s vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars.
  • And in Germany, there is this innovation to speed up admission controls. Vaccinated and recovered students and employees at the Leibniz University of Hanover will in the future wear colorful armbands.” One hardly needs a great knowledge of modern history to find this abhorrent.
  • The international organization set up to handle vaccine donations and the cost basis vaccines, just defrauded Venezuela again. Venezuela is accessing vaccines produced in China, Cuba and Russia. $120 million transferred from Venezuela’s government to Covax for vaccines was blocked as a result of U.S. sanctions.
  • In Singapore, there is an explosion of covid-related diseases after reaching 81% vaccination rate. The report from there indicates that it is antibody dependent amplification as a result of vaccines.
  • Telegram banned the largest Italian anti-vaccination channel with 40K followers.
  • Youtube announces that they deleted a million ‘anti’ videos
  • Slovenia are out protesting vaccine passports on the same day that they pause the J&J vaccine because of adverse reactions
  • Oh yes, let’s not forget, it is all China’s fault and the anti-China media is reporting brutal and forced and repressive vaccination methods in China. Of course, the Chinese people do not know anything about this but who cares, the message of forced vaccination seems to irritate people, so, let’s use it as propaganda.

This does not resemble a global ‘plan’ whatsoever, but what it resembles is chaos. The west is permanently operating in crisis mode. There is no management of anything. If there was a ‘plan’ it is certainly now not being followed. But the alt-media keeps saying it is a global nefarious plan.

Let us be not entertained here, but informed. The questions are:

Has the dam broken? Whoever is not vaccinated now, will not comply. Are the governments beginning to comply with their citizens? Or have they figured that the Great Reset is just not working and no vaccine mandate or Big Pharma contractual obligation will satisfy the citizens? Are these governments realizing that they are in very deep trouble?

What is dead, the Great Reset, or Covid? There is no cohesion in the ranks of countries. They are all doing their own thing, and some of them are doing similar things. Is ‘warp speed’ hitting the ground at warp speed?’

At this stage, let’s tell the Belarus story. What did Belarus do? Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

• impose “extreme lockdown on his people”
• force them to wear face masks
• impose very strict curfews
• impose a police state
• crash the economy

How true this report is I cannot say. We have not seen any denials. If it is true for Belarus, then it is true for the rest of the world! South Africa accepted a very similar package from the IMF and moved to the western sphere of influence and were invited to the last G7 meeting – they received their lollipop. So perhaps we are short of, or questioning details here, but we know the tactics. The IMF and World Bank want to crash every major economy with the intent of buying up every nation’s infrastructure at cents on the dollar! Just exactly the same as how Big Pharma wants assets from Sovereign Wealth Funds to pay for vaccine tranches. This has nothing to do with health, but is political and economic and flies under a false flag health banner.

This is deathly for those that get infected with Covid. Bear in mind this is not simply a death rate but also an issue of many ill people. Can you imagine a defense force anywhere in the world that is riddled with Covid?

So, who is making money here from this vaccine push?

China is making money as they jumped to the task of manufacturing those items needed to support a health initiative world wide. Manufacturing went to Main street, and not Wall street.

Russia is making money as they jumped to the task to support the manufacture and sales of vaccines with capital from their Sovereign Wealth Fund as well as agreements for other countries to manufacture. India for example had to tumble against the west and they are manufacturing Russian vaccines and have reopened the use of Ivermectin in some provinces. Manufacturing went to state-supported orgs and private initiatives, both Main street and Wall Street.

In the west, the conglomerates, e-tailers, vaccine manufactuers and delivery companies are making money. Wall street, and not Main street. Main street was shut down and as we can see from Belarus and South Africa, the disaster capitalism ‘jackals’ moved in.

This shows in more detail how this happened: https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfilling-prophecy-systemic-collapse-and-pandemic-simulation/?fbclid=IwAR3j0XY3ak4Sll7kzk6J8RedJF-r0Wtw_wrLjVRq97Pst89q6vIdfMwdOT8

Forbes made it easy for us to figure out who makes money here. You will find a preponderance of Chinese companies because they managed the outbreak and went back to work.



Vaccine conglomerates out of the west started with a vicious disaster capitalism campaign, and we have clear evidence that the big pharma companies will not take liability for their own products, but governments must do so, in order to be allowed to buy tranches of vaccines. In certain instances, we heard from South American countries that they had to pledge assets from their sovereign wealth funds in order to procure vaccines.

Internationally, the vaccine wars started – economically and politically. Both Russia and China on various occasions said that we are dealing with a global phenomenon here, and we have to handle it globally. But those words went nowhere. Faction One continued with their politics and economic actions.

Russia’s very good vaccines are treated the same as their athletes, shunned!. Yet, 70 countries use them, and they are being manufactured in a number more.

China with initially less effective vaccines is donating by the millions.

This whole episode brought vision to many countries, US assisted, in strange places, that have questionable US supported biological laboratories. Anna Popova, Russia’s sanitary watchdog chief says that these countries lost their biological and epidemiological sovereignty and that this involves very, very high risks for Russia.  https://tass.com/society/1341027

Let’s move to the end, although it is not nearly the end.


As 9/11 brought in the patriot act, the advent of SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) is attempting to create nothing less than a biosecurity state, a full enhancement of the patriot act and managed not by laws but by decrees.


This is no less than re-engineering the system of governance in favor of big conglomerates. This is now who runs part of the world. There is no sovereignty, there is no democracy and most of all, there is no accountability.

But this time, the citizens are in revolt and many countries are becoming ungovernable, SARS-COV2 (Covid-19), or no SARS-COV2 (Covid-19). And no, it is not all coming from China and the CCP is not attacking the US via SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) and they have not infiltrated all US and western societies and no, it is not a shadow government but it is real and prima facie. What is believed to be experimental drug therapies are peddled as vaccines that happen to wear off after 6 months requiring perpetual boosters shots for life. An Irish comment: “aye, if the SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) didn’t kill ya, the fourth or fifth booster did.”

Governments do not care. They have new masters re-engineering the complete system of governance in favor of conglomerates and the conglomerates and the money printer pay the bill. Your taxes are basically worthless. Conglomerates care not a whit about Main Street or your productive efforts to sustain yourself, but they care a lot about Wall Street, their big casino. This trajectory will not change unless the citizens refuse their governments, call tax revolts, and put sand in the gears of this new machine. The west now has a tough row to hoe. The citizens must change the governments that stand as lackeys to the conglomerates and get leaders that will not be bought off or scared off.

The no-vax grouping will not take vaccines on pain of death. I cannot blame them, because of the extreme adverse reactions with western produced vaccines. What I am afraid of, is that the Conglomerates do not care one whit and will even support and supply the ‘on pain of death’. They have their legitimized and weaponized black-clad, testosteroned police forces to do their bidding, or as we see in New York now, the national guard is being deployed.

If people do not trust their governments, they do not trust their chief medical officers, they do not trust the vaccine companies, and are told to stay in their bubbles, and of course, with that level of non-knowledge, theoretical conspiracies are created faster than what you can say internet and passed along as so-called truth. The data stream is polluted. This is on top of the fact that vaccines are inherently leaky and decision making for the medical fraternity also became polluted. They could not be true to their own oath.

Western Economics and Political Games

It is not working. The Great Reset is a Great Deflation. The B3 (Build Back Better) is a joke. They could not do it at the best of times, and are unable or completely incompetent. It is a failure. Their banner that this all is for your good health has no more traction, and the other countries thrive.

And now, they are trying to crawl backwards.

  • Antibody cocktail, touted by Trump as ‘cure’ for SARS-COV2 (Covid-19), to be launched across UK next week for coronavirus patients – https://www.rt.com/uk/535168-SARS-COV2 (Covid-19)-antibody-drug-trump/
  • And the Israeli’s are now out in the streets. (No, unfortunately not for Palestine, but because for them it now takes 4 vaccinations to get the coveted green pass).
  • It is an open secret in the MSM now that the efficacy of the vaccines (western so far) against Covid lasts but a scant +- six months or so.

I cannot see that the vaccine mandates will last much longer as something has to give, but, we all still have to deal with SARS-COV2 (Covid-19). Yet, Big Pharma is in there already.

  • I believe Pfizer came out with some therapeutic in the form of 2 anti-viral tablets. Most suspect that it is simply Ivermectin and it is jokingly called Pfizermectin.
  • And lo and behold, Merc is following fast with their ‘pill’ and Roches as well.

Is this only marketing the next bigger and better product? People are hesitant to be shot up, so we will give them a friendly ‘pill’? That remains to be seen. My view (and there is support for this) is that they know that they may have made a big mistake with most vaccines and are desperately trying to recover in marketing prestige (medical doctors do not want to use their vaccine products any longer and it is only the revolving door between western .gov and western Big Pharma that keeps them going now).

My view is to break it down because there is no hope that the current systems can be built on. But these administrations double down as a favorite tactic.

The other three-quarters of the world.

Street revolts are not happening in Russia. This is not happening in China. There are relatively few ZoneB countries where this is happening and the main difference is the cohesion of citizen and state.  Where there is no cohesion, there is break-down.  Western governments have proven themselves to be enemies of their citizens.

The second main difference simply is trust.

Here is the most spectacular difference. The western countries started fighting their people. How dare they be susceptible to a virus but oh boy, what a crisis capitalism opportunity this is.

The other ¾ of the world started fighting a virus and supporting their people.

The rest of us that belong to the ¾ must now shun the west. It is these administrations that literally stop the world from dealing with a virus. Besides the reporting that their new whizzbang leaky vaccines are generally questionable, there is a set of therapeutics that actually work and many doctors that know how to apply them if allowed to do so. You also withheld medications and treatment modalities as well as your leaky vaccines to our friends like Iran, Venezuela and Cuba. This is what I will remember. Stop the Cuban blockade and release medications to Venezuela and Iran and others that are under your embargoes. This is not how one deals with a global pandemic if you actually want to deal with it and do not only see it as a profit-making opportunity.  We will never get rid of this Covid, if you keep on denying the tools to others to do what they need to do.

The western segment of our world must please understand that A Great Reset will be forced upon you now by your own actions. It will not be planned but will be a result of internal implosion and disintegration. The Green New Deal is nonsense, because even Boris Johnson is bringing in new small nuclear reactors (or so he says). Your power is gone. Your prestige is gone. Go home, break-up in peace and then the world may allow you back.

Please break it down! You have spectacularly once again failed the world by not doing what you should have done to help eradicate this scourge in our world. And the news is almost out as to Whodunit. To break it down does not mean joining the fashion of the ideal prepper. It means living in a way that your insane governments cannot disturb you if you cannot remove them. There is of course a way through it and parallel economies are being discussed. It is easier said than done, however.

For the rest of the world, well done! We are dealing with a scourge in our world without needing to attack our populations. We hear that the mRNA vaccines are just the cat’s meow in new technological development. It is quite telling that China is only now developing a mRNA vaccine and to be sure, they will test it properly.

This is what is true today:

MOSCOW, September 28. / TASS /. The chance that COVID-19 will be completely eliminated is getting smaller and smaller, while its seasonality will depend on further mutations and inoculations”, Andrei Chaplin, a microbiologist, Associate Professor of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University’s Department of Microbiology and Virology, stated on Tuesday.

“Earlier, people believed that we would be able to completely eradicate the infection as soon as herd immunity was achieved. But now, as time goes by, there remains less and less faith in this. For complete elimination, it is necessary, first of all, to immunize everyone, second of all, the vaccines must be highly effective regardless of the virus mutations. And here, we cannot yet make any predictions. Thirdly, we do not vaccinate children so far, and, finally, there is no guarantee that if [the virus] is expelled from the human population even for some time, it will not spread again from animals. Anyway, [COVID-19] is likely to stay with us for a long time,” Chaplin said on the Stopcoronavirus portal on TikTok.

For the world – we need to get our arms around the biomedical research that is being done today. Researchers are like Pavlov’s dogs – they only respond to the grant. We need to make a new international organization that actually reviews any research planned on the human population in advance. Research ethics need to be highlighted. I don’t know about you, but I do not want human genetics en-strangled in animal genetics and vice versa. I am happy to be a human but not to be a lab-developed breakthrough kind of creature.

You will not get the old normal back. None of us will. Adapt or die is the hard message. An interesting fact is that Catherine Austin Fitts came up with a definition of her Mr.Global, saying that these are the people that control the sea lanes and the satellite lanes. Assume for a moment that she is correct here and then you understand geopolitical issues like AUKUS. and the purported Freedom of Navigation exercises in the South China Sea and surroundings, and the recent war-games in the Black Sea and for example, the new Chinese space station slated to be a launching platform. With the change to multipolarity, all of these battles have to be won. We have to win SARS-COV2 (Covid-19), preferably Mr. Xi Jinping’s way – eradicate it.

You tell me: If we could start all over again, how would we eradicate a virus that has spread globally?

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