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Ex-Governor Fayose’s brother, Isaac hails the Opperesors in Nigeria as he drives a Truck in the UK.

The video showed Ex-Governor Fayose’s brother, Isaac driving a truck as he was unable to pay for a driver since labour is expensive. Labour in Nigeria is way cheaper than in the UK. 

One could think UK is better off but has its bad side too one of which virtualy everyone in the UK is in DEBT slavery. While those in Nigeria live like a free bird, in less debt slavery than in the UK.

According to the foreign Debt score. Everyone in the UK owes the 1% foreign debt of $8,126,000,000,000 ($8.1 Trillion) with a population of 66.65 million in 2019. That is $121,920.48 per head. One could say any unborn Child in the UK is into debt slavery. In Nigeria, everyone owes just $194. Take note, everyone is dirrectly or indirectly serviving the debt.

Oppressing the less privileged in Nigeria is a way of life. It’s in every work of life. Even the one who is yet to have is waiting to make a little to oppress the next person that is yet to have. What about the ones in uniform? The Governor’s brother may be right about the oppressive society.

Watch the video below.

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