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Igbos Are Your Problems?

Yet when they agitate to exit (get out) from Nigeria through a referendum or any other means, you kick against it. You are even willing and ready to go to war to keep your problems, the Igbos. Who does that?

Normal, sensible people throw away their problems (not keep them)!

But why are the Nigerians keeping their problems (the Igbos). The answer? Wickedness and hatred. They are afraid Igbos might shine beyond belief if set free.

You hate Biafra freedom but we love Oduduwa freedom and welcome it.

If Hausa-Fulani wants to exit from Nigeria today, it will be the happiest day for ndi Igbo and the happiest day for most Nigerians (and we all know why).

But let the Igbo (the problems of Nigeria) agitate to leave the forced union and see the amount of venom the rest of Nigerians will pour on them.

Does that not then tell you that Igbos are not your problems?

Can you observe the difference between evil and good?

You hate us for no reason but we continue to show kindness to you.

A huge difference between light and darkness.

To solve all these problems, have your Oduduwa, Nigeria, Arewa and let us have our Biafra.

The animosity is too much.

If a marriage is not working, rather than destroy yourselves, you part ways.


Dr Maduka C Ogwueleka

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