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See Top 5 Items For Your International Travel Checklists

See Top 5 Items For Your International Travel Checklists

Travelling is challenging enough. But, in the event that you decided  to go to foreign countries with unfamiliar requirements, customs and laws, international travel seems daunting. Here are items for the international travel checklist to ensure your family’s international vacation gets off to an excellent start.


Check passports

Valid passports are a requirement for international travel. If you already have passports, check each family member’s passport expiration dates. Most countries require that passports are valid for three to six months after your ticketed departure date.

Visa requirements

In addition to passports, some countries require visas. These requirements could vary depending on the length of your stay or purpose of your trip. While some visa applications can be done online, you can visit the embassy of the destination you wish to visit to process your visa.

Get finances in order

If you are a regular international traveller, you must have used your debit cards to withdraw money at airports upon arrival. Know the fees associated with ATM withdrawals and international transactions. Also, do not hesitate to notify your bank (s) of the dates and countries you will be visiting. You may need them during the course of your travel.

Learn local customs and languages

One of the great things about travelling is learning about other countries’ customs and values. It’s important to learn what’s considered appropriate or illegal in these countries. Being aware of this will keep you safe during your trip. Also, do not forget to learn some basic phrases in the local language, too.

Staying in touch

Many of us are attached to our smartphones. Stay connected while travelling with various international phone service options that include upgrading existing data plans, wi-fi, buying local SIM cards abroad or getting a local phone. Figure out which works best for you depending on what’s widely available or affordable in your destination countries.

Source:  Jumia Travel

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