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Lagosians Running Traffic Lights as Police look the other way

Yesterday in Lekki, I saw upwards of 10 cars running a certain RED light around Jakande area while I was waiting for my light to turn GREEN.

What made this especially painful is that there was a squad of police right beside the traffic light. What were they doing? They were just sitting down and gisting on their pickup.

Can you imagine? In what other countries will people run red lights right in front of police and the police will just be laughing with Ak47s in their hands? and it wasn’t just one car, but multiple cars disregarding their RED lights.

Are we so primitive that we are now totally averse to Law and Order in this land? That the police won’t even attempt to maintain traffic rules unless at their convenience? Unless traffic is at a standstill via checkpoints? is that the only time police would do traffic work?

Imagine how dangerous it is to be driving with confidence because the light in front of you has turned GREEN, not knowing that a MANIAC is about to smash into you because he ran his RED light and worse still police don’t give a flying fvk

I would have taken a picture and posted it here, it was such a disgusting sight as some of the cars that ran red lights drove right past the police squad.

How can we have such a useless police squad that can’t even GIVE CHASE? What good is a police squad if all they do is park their car at a junction and gist inside?

What good is that?

Oh my Nigeria…

God helps us!

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