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Naija Gist Special

Naija Gist Special: Pastor Rapes 13-year-old Girl During overnight Deliverance

A pastor in Port Harcourt known as Nzube Ohuama, has been captured after he professedly assaulted a 13-year-old young lady amid a night deliverance programme organised by the congregation.

PORTH HARCOUT (Naija Gist Special), Lolade –

The youthful victim had gone with her guardians to the congregation for the month to month vigil when the pastor tricked her into a private room connected to the congregation and assaulted her. Ohuama had before told the victim’s family that she had an underhanded soul (evil spirit) that was tormenting her and he needed to direct an exceptional prayer to God for her at the all night programme.

The pastor, as indicated by information, had further cautioned the family of the young lady that if the malicious soul tormenting the young lady was not exorcized, a ton of mischief would keep dogging them, so they had given him the thumbs up to deliver her of the foul alleged eveil spirirt however rather than doing what he guaranteed, he rather raped the evil spirit out of her. It was gathhered that at around 1 am when the vigil was going all out, the pastor got out the young lady, told the assembly that he had an extraordinary assignment he needed to do on her only, and took her to the private room. While he was raping her the young lady’s sister walked to the pastor’s office, and was shocked to hear her sister crying in torment.

At the point when the young ladycame out, she had blood stains on her, and her sister pressured her into revealing what Pastor Ohuama did to her. They reported the assault to their guardians who held up lodging a complaint at the Fegge Police Station, and Pastor Ohuama was immediately arrested.

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