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Onye Eze’s Girlfriend Reacts To Okoro Blessing’s Arrest, Debunks Claims Of Publicity Stunt

Adibe Laireana, Onye Eze’s girlfriend, in her reaction to the arrest of the Instagram Blogger Okoro Blessing, has said the arrest was not a publicity stunt.

But Adibe stated that Blessing had made her mistake and so she should be forgiven as she has not killed anyone, even though she lied about being the owner of her boyfriend’s house.

She wrote:

It was never a publicity stunt. NEVER! To err is human but to forgive is divine. Please Nigerians, it’s time we all forgive her too as Mr Monic has forgiven her. She has learnt her lesson. Na lie she lie she no kill person, please forgive her, she will change

Abibe before the arrest had previously called out Blessing Okoro when she was insisting the house belonged to her despite being caught in the obvious lies

Think of ur followers/fans before trying to fake it.
Think of d young gurls who work hard everyday just to make money and yet with ur fakeass posts,u make them feel like they re not doing enough,they ain’t smart.
What do u think it is dat causes depression,suicide,prostitution and d rest.
Stop showing us wat is not urs dear fakeass gurl.
Here I present to u d real owner of d huz with enough evidence and clarity
And lastly,do not be deceived for d second time.he has two houses ,one in his hometown (Emene) and d oda @ind layout (d one aunty blessing is claiming) @stanmonic Nweze a.k.a. Onyeze na chinko

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