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Suicide!!! Some of the things that could make someone to be thinking of suicide


What are the things that could make someone to be thinking of committing suicide? Some of them are:

Lack of love
Life Challenges
Lack of good things of life……

But don’t you know that suicide is self murder and the same punishment that Olodumare will give anyone who takes away someone else’s life, awaits the person who takes away his/her own life.

Ifa further explains that it may be at the exact time that this person is planning to take away his/her own life that all the Ire which he/she lacked will come tumbling his or her way. in Iwori Obara, Ifa says:

Aj’àkàsù tó l’óun ó t’okùn b’orùn
Èwo ni at’ori-je yóó wa se
Díá fún Ìwòrì-Ò-p’àjùbà
Tí n re’nu ìgbé lòó so dógbódógbó
Ebo ni wón ní kó wáá se
Ó gb’ébo, Ó rú’bo
Ìwòrì ò p’àjùbà má Mà bí’nú
Ìwòrì ò p’àjùbà má Mà so
Ire n bo ni’waju
Ire n bo l’eyin
Iwòrì o p’ajuba má Mà so


He who consumes an entire corn meal and plans on committing suicide by hanging himself
What does he expect the person who eats the leftovers in the cornmeal wrapper to do?
This was the declaration of Ifa to Iwori o p’ajuba
When going into forest to hang himself
He was advised to offer ebo
He complied
Iwori o p’ajuba, don’t give into anger and frustration
Iwori o p’ajuba, don’t hang yourself
All Ire of life is coming from the front
All benefits of life is coming from behind.

So before you give up, remember why you started. Never give up because of anything and know that you are destined to be great.

Remember that’s why Olodumare gave us the knowledge of Ebo to make things right and to aid all prayers. Ebo is the key to answering prayer. You have the key, you have the true way of living.
Aboru Aboye!!!

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