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How are the Oòduà (Yorùbá) people the most favoured in Nigeria?

Some failed Political leaders created a false narrative to say Oòduà (Yorùbá)/SW are monopolizing the Nigerian economy, Sea Port, and even trade to cover up for their failures. Èkó (Lagos) Port existed even before Nigeria was created, Lekki Port wasn’t solely an FG project, and Lekki airport is incoming, will y’all still keep saying Oòduà (Yorùbá) are favoured in Nigeria?? Nigeria is a bane to Yorùbá Progress as a civilizational state, Urban dwelling, and Nation building Oòduà (Yorùbá) People, Check Oòduà (Yorùbá) Historiography, and you’d be marvelled.

How are they favoured by Nigeria? Don’t you know Èkó (Lagos) is different from Ipinle Èkó (Lagos state)? Most of the parts of Ipinle Èkó (Lagos state) were parts of the Western Region only 27 sq mi was Federal Capital out of today’s Èkó (Lagos) 1381 sq mi, that’s a dot in Ipinle Èkó (Lagos state), Ipinle Èkó (Lagos state) was created in 1967! Oil was discovered in Araromi, Oòduàland (Yorùbáland) in 1906 before Oloibiri, 1956, Nigeria’s economy wasn’t depending on oil in the 50s, and 60s.

The oil boom started only in the 70s!, Government oil revenues accelerated from 66 million nairas in 1970 to over 10 billion in 1980. Cash crops etc were used in the western region (it ended in 1967, even though it was balkanized into the western region and Midwest in 1963) Èkó (Lagos) is a product of long years of planning by our illustrious forbears, including Awolowo, who was spending 60% of Western Region’s health budget on her.

According to professors Oluwasanmi and Aluko, they also set up, Western Regional Marketing Board, the Western Nigerian Development Corporation, the Western Nigerian Housing Corporation, the Western Region Finance Corporation, the Western Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Western Nigerian Printing Corporation to perform functions that are of fundamental significance to the economic, social-cultural development of the people of Western Nigeria. That the old West was to later become the most educated part of Africa and the most prosperous region in Nigeria was not by accident.


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