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Omonile: Why you should not allow Wall geckos in your House!

Take this information seriously. Medically it has been satisfied from findings that this animal’s geckos skins are more dangerous than snake venom, a drop from it can clear an entire family when mistakenly taken along with meals, ignorantly people see ...

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dating fails

65% Nigerian men over 40 at risk of erectile dysfunction — Expert

By Edward Nnachi A health expert and founder of Paddy Paddy Wellness, Dr David Paddy, has said that over 65 per cent of Nigerian men were at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction at the age of 40 and above. He ...

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steve jobs

Steve Jobs’ last words – died a billionaire at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs died a billionaire at the age of 56. And his last words make us think about the meaning of life… – After all, wealth is just a life experience I’ve had the opportunity to know. At this moment, ...

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Gas Carburetor for Generator in Nigeria – What about it?

Generator with Cooking Gas Carburetor noise/sound is reduced by 30-50% based on age, label of gen and load– Additionally it is eco-friendly. Gen stops smoking entirely– Engine oil lasts longer before getting dirty– Your Generator with Cooking Gas Carburetor Servicing ...

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10 benefits of 2023 Electricity Act Bill signed by Asiwaju Tinubu

By Ajisafe Olayiwola President Bola Tinubu has approved the new Electricity Act, which replaces the 2005 Electricity and Power Sector Reform Act. The Electricity Act was first passed in July 2022 in the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari. The new ...

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Dmitriy Medvedev

See how the Elite from a sane and free world talks to the other one in Bondage.

Dmitry Medvedev speaks to the German ElitesIt looks like the trademark German pragmatism has miserably failed once again: just as it did in 1933, but this time it’s the 21st century. The chief pooch of the European economy pays too ...

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eko IGR

How are the Oòduà (Yorùbá) people the most favoured in Nigeria?

Some failed Political leaders created a false narrative to say Oòduà (Yorùbá)/SW are monopolizing the Nigerian economy, Sea Port, and even trade to cover up for their failures. Èkó (Lagos) Port existed even before Nigeria was created, Lekki Port wasn’t ...

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Yahoo Yahoo 2.0: Top 5 warning signs to help you spot the next Tinder Swindler

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