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Dmitriy Medvedev
Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman and head of the United Russia party Dmitry Medvedev speaks during a meeting on science at Gorki state residence, outside Moscow, Russia, Monday, Oct. 3, 2022. Medvedev deplored the decision by Western nations to rupture scientific ties with Russia over its action in Ukraine.(Ekaterina Shtukina, Sputnik Pool Photo via AP)

See how the Elite from a sane and free world talks to the other one in Bondage.

Dmitry Medvedev speaks to the German Elites

It looks like the trademark German pragmatism has miserably failed once again: just as it did in 1933, but this time it’s the 21st century. The chief pooch of the European economy pays too high a price for the thorough licking of the overseas master’s certain body parts. After implementing a “deadly” number of sanctions against Russia, they have to count their own staggering damages.

According to the German Economic Institute, by the year-end, the Ukrainian crisis will have cost the German economy up to $300 billion! It is about 8 per cent of Germany’s GDP. Compared to the last year’s numbers, the growth has more than doubled. For more than a year, the Krauts have been doing nothing but indulging in sophisticated sadomasochism.

They have arrogantly, twisting their snouts, given up on Russia’s hydrocarbons which could have helped the German economy to successfully develop. Suit yourselves, what is there to say? But they have yet to find a replacement for our resources. Now you can’t just go to Siberia for oil, gas, coal, and firewood. The US, Norway, the Netherlands, and the Middle East will not readily supply the Germans with their energy resources on more or less favourable terms.

The German economy has become the Yankee’s servant, harshly pressed by its own dumbheads from the Chancellery; so now it is unclear how it’s going to explain to its own citizens, batting its eyes innocently, why it has failed to eat its cake and have it, too. Where, for example, would it get 1 trillion euros to fund the “ecological transition” of its own energy system, and to forever get rid of the “bloody Russian fuel”?

The overseas states certainly won’t help with it. And for quite a while, its own funds will be flowing to support the business, which is desperately looking up to the Gayland for salvation from its own government’s idiocy. What is the main result of this wild anti-Russia dance of the Krauts to Washington’s tune? By putting an end to energy cooperation with Russia, the German government has failed to find the driver for its own country’s effective development. The German citizens’ wallets have got badly worn out, with over 50 per cent of the population being in favour of the resignation of the cabinet of Scholz the Liver Sausage.

The leading German trade unions will soon be harshly demanding salary raises. The business, in its turn, will have to once again stoop to the government, begging it for subsidies to survive. A closed circle thus forms, and it will be very difficult to break free from it. At this rate, Germany will soon – and for long – lose its political and economic leadership in the “united Europe”, to the sheer joy of other “Euro grands”, like France and Britain. This will come as the total fiasco of those political imbeciles, who used to say that the Germans would easily do without Russia. This will mean the end of their infamous careers, or probably even grimmer consequences.

This is when, according to the law of the negation, there will once again rise the dreams about the Fourth Reich, and a new fuhrer instead of the impotent men of the “liver sausage community”. Especially because around Germany being a pooch still barking, but growing weaker, there is now a pack of squealing insatiable mongrels; like Poland and its Baltic rump. And if they don’t get fresh food in the form of Ukrainian lands, they will mercilessly maul their aged leader.

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