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Top 8 atrocities committed by Obidients on Twitter/X against Omo Oodua

by Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo On Twitter/X

1) On this app, Ooni of Ife was called “horny of Ife” by Obidients.

2) This year MKO Abiola was called a drug Baron by the Obidients.

3) Wole Soyinka was called a certificate forger by Obidients mostly of Southeast extraction.

4) Obidients organized Twitter spaces to say they would expel Yorùbá Obas and leaders once they captured Lagos.

5) Yorùbá women and Yorùbá history were slandered and published by Obidients.

6) Obidients were protesting for a military takeover of Nigeria because Tinubu a Yorùbá man won the presidency.

7) Obidients celebrated the annulment of the June 12 1993 elections and praised IBB and Abacha for the annulment.

8) Obidients called Lagos no man’s land and openly called for the expulsion of Yorùbás from Lagos. While this happened, the Yoruba liberals and the fencists did not say anything. They didn’t caution those who were attacking their race and identity. Immediately Yorùbá people started pushing back against the hate, they started coming out of their shells to accuse their own people of hate and asking their own people to tolerate hate and denigration from the Igbos and the ethnic minorities rubbishing the Yorùbá heritage. I have a simple response to this, this category of Yorubas is the definition of evil.

The ethnic nation that ever bombed Lagos in Nigeria was the Igbos during the Biafran War. The ethnic nation that militarily invaded YORUBALAND in post-colonial Nigeria was the Igbos in Ondo state. Azikwe the leader of the modern Igbo nation was the one who connived with the British to ensure that the Lagos colony was not allowed to be part of the western region under Awolowo because of his Igbo supremacist agenda. The only ethnic group in the history of Nigeria that has always tried to hijack political power in Yorubaland are the Igbos, not Fulanis or Hausas when Zik wanted to become the prime minister of Oodualand (YORUBALAND).

The lust for the political power of Igbos in YORUBALAND was why Azikwe, Ironsi, and Nwabueze destroyed the regional system of government, true federalism, and fiscal federalism and imposed the Unitary system of government on everybody. The agenda to turn Nigeria into an Igbo empire was why Azikwe was against true federalism and secession clauses in Nigeria’s constitution. This behaviour led Nigeria to a bloody civil war. Till today, young Igbos who ought to learn from the mistakes of their parents are towing the same line.

They are asking for political power in Niger state, and they are busy spreading toxic propaganda against Lagos state political leaders because they feel it is their right to hijack political power in Lagos over the Yoruba people, the same people they hate. A Zikist Igbo cannot practice true federalism in Nigeria. He cannot practice ethno-linguistic federalism because he will always be at the neck of other Ethnicities in their respective states looking for how to politically sabotage the indigenous people.

They have no shame or dignity. How does it sound that a Yoruba man is threatening Igbo leaders for political power in Anambra? Igbos are settling everywhere across Nigeria because they need Nigeria to survive and push your settler colonialism and political Zionist project where they will start demanding political power from the Indigenous people. After all, they cannot survive and build their power base in the South East. They’ve given up on the Southeast. This is why any form of liberal madnesszzz must be expunged from the Southwest.

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