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5 Empathetic Girlfriends You Need By Your Side During A Breakup

3. The Voice Of Wisdom
This is usually a friend with some age and/or extensive relationship experience on you. She knows all breakups are different. She knows you don’t want to hear, “You’re going to be okay,” or “You should be thankful” from anyone.
She understands platitudes won’t work right now. You aren’t going to listen to them, anyway.
Instead, this gem offers constructive advice and ways to help you grow and heal. She draws your attention away from him and toward yourself.
However, her ways are subtle. If she shoves the medicine down your throat, you’ll run and never look back.
She is spiritual, self-exploratory and has a wealth of knowledge from her own tough past to share. Listen and take it for what it is. There will no judgement or preaching, simply soul sharing.

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