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Friends Already Bought Aso Ebi but Pastor Says He is not My Husband

Just got this from one Omo Oodua Rere and I thought I should to put it on here so you guys can share your point of view on this:

“My wedding is planned for September fifth just for my pastor to let me know amid a deliverance ervice this past Sunday that the man I’m engaged to is not my spouse. He said in the event that I wed him the marriage will not last, as well as that insidious will befall me. He said the man was not bound for me and in the event that I proceed I would wish I had not. My Parent are frightened and are considering the revelation seriously. They are encouraging me not to wed him but rather some of my companions have as of now purchased my aso-ebi. It’s not like I can’t leave the fellow but rather how would I explain it to individuals and particularly my companions? What would you do on the off chance that you were in my shoes?”

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