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I am a sexual person but My man can’t not perform, please help..

I am a frustrated new wife. I’ve been hitched for just under a year and I can count how often I have had intercourse with my spouse.


He got treated for diabetes and from that point forward has been having issues getting it up. I’ve let him know a few times to go get help however he has cannot. He is humiliated and doesn’t need any one to think about this test yet it is making me frustrated. On the off chance that I am fortunate I get it once in two weeks and a considerable measure of work needs to put into it for our lovemaking to happen. I’m attempting to get pregnant yet I don’t perceive how this is going to happen when my spouse can’t perform. Could anybody help me? Since he has declined to go look for help, possibly you know something I can for him at home to help our circumstance? Help please! I am a sexual individual so this is disappointing!

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