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‘I’d A Crush On Tiwa Savage Before She tied the knot ’ – Shaydee

Tiwa Savage
It may be the first time when he would uncover it however we can tell you that EME’s Shaydee really liked Marvin’s first woman Tiwa Savage. In a late question, when asked which of the female artistes he really likes however lacked the liver to speak with about it, the ‘Won gbo mi’ vocalist said:

‘Maybe 2 years ago, when Tiwa Savage was single, I was crushing on her, I like her and I like her music so so much but she is married now and that is unfair. But that was then though.’

Tiwa Savage got married to her former manager, Tunji Balogun who is better known as Tee Billz in an extravagant ceremony on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in Dubai….

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