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My story: The Most Annoying question from ladies; that look on her face – Are you a homo?

I think I am the most unambitious human being in life and that is evident in the romantic relationships I have.  There was this girl in my university days who flashed light tire, while everyone else was hustling to form bonds and pick the best girls in our fresher’s year, I was reclusive contemplating more important things like how many angels can fit on a tip of a needle?

Boys and girls rush themselves finish and the fine babes gravitated towards their class, rich kids hang out with rich kids and THE RICH children- like Otedola rich- just levitated to their high society status with their peons who usually came from very poor backgrounds, those ones on pilgrim’s scholarship because their parents have been licking the Rev Father’s black behind for that long. A generation of servile people born to serve the super rich.

I couldn’t fit in so I sneak quietly to this big auditorium they house 100 level students.

This girl spots me and she is tall and feels like one who could squeeze the life out of you, she poaches for weeks and finally understands I am comfortable with exchanging glances, I am so unambitious that we could exchange glances for 10 years. She makes the first move by bringing an assignment for me to help her out so I promptly point to the smart children area of the auditorium in the front with one short Israel on papa’s tucked in shirts. He was a departmental rep that was willing to help just about anybody. This babe looks at me like ‘dude are you serious?’ Yes I am serious so I hold her hand and she smiles- took that girl straight to the smart boys area and kept her there.

This other encounter were the girl says ‘this pussycat is yours baby, just take it!’

No ma’am I don’t want any feline creature, thank you. She turns around to hate me and finally pops the stupid question; are you a homos3xual?


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