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Do you agree ? Any African Man/Woman who accepts foreign religion either Christianity or Islam is a traitor to his/her motherland!

There has been massive Propaganda or foreign religion advertisement  campaign against the religion of the land in Africa/Nigeria. Most of the Yoruba Film is direct insult to IFA religion (Ifa and all the Orisas) and part of the massive propaganda campaign against the religion of the Land.

This is just creating more future puppets to the host of these foreign religions being marketed in some Yoruba films of today. A word to the wise is Enough. Wont it be better if they act some good film about our histories and our dear motherland cultural tradition/Religion. Saworoide for example is one or Orisun – Latest Yoruba Movie Drama 2015 Full

Religion is like a tool to controlling the masses idleness not only that but also a way to create fear in them to thinking there is some life after death or there are consequences to every bad you do.

Make no mistake, religion is a civilization, either Ifa, Odinani, Islam, Christianity. All share one thing in common and this is fear to thinking twice before doing bad thing to your fellow human or even animals in some religions. Which makes super sense!

For example, to steal from someone’s farm, if you are a christian or Muslim, you must have read the Bible or Quran that you wont go to heaven for stealing. That is the element of fear in Christianity and Islam that will make you think twice before stealing from the Farm..

The same thing if you saw some red thing that looks like JUJU on the farm. Before stealing it, you will have the same fear that something bad may happen to you. Even the Juju fear management did not say you have to wait until judgement day. It’s a feeling that happens almost instantly and this is why Juju is even more effective than the Heaven and hell type of fear that you have to wait until the Judgement day if you do not get caught by the Police for doing bad thing to your fellow human being or Animals.

Pretext or Tool for Division or Succession 
Religion is also a way or tool to gathering more allies or otherwise potential puppets serving the interest of their host first instead of that of the National interest or the direct interest of the masses. For this reason any African man/woman who accepts foreign religion either Christianity or Islam is a traitor to his or her motherland. That kind of person has already betrayed his or her people. On one condition that he or she puts the host of this foreign religion first before his or her own country. This kind of follower of foreign can be refereed to as a sold out.

Now, the question is, would you rather promote the religion of the land or promote a foreign religion in your Motherland ?? This is part of the Issue in Africa. Lost priorities. Cuba and some other south American countries still practice Ifa and you would never see any of them make such a backward film portraying any religion as good or bad.

All religions should be welcomed and there is no point marketing one against the other thereby painting one as good and the other as bad. May Ifa show everyone the way.  Babalawo is a chief priest in Ifa religion just like you go to your pastors every Sunday or Imam every Friday.

You are better off promoting your motherland religion no matter how much the foreign imperialist condemn or try to subjugate your mother land religion or culture so as to sell theirs to you.

See for example a typical propaganda movie against the religion of the Land bellow.

This is the real freedom from mental slavery. For example, even though I understand religion as a tool! I will always promote IFA no matter what.

~Balogun Adesina

How many of you agree with the above article ?

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