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Ibi iya ni o je ki Ifa o se loojo mo !

A client asked me after performing sacrifice, ” baba, when will my wife return to me? ” I said, ” I can’t say the actual time.” He responded, but you are Araba and we have just done the ‘ ebo ‘ as directed “. Then I told him the story which ended as follows :-
Ibi iya ni o je ki Ifa o se loojo mo
Osa Oloyan lo se laseju ti won fi nmu awo l’oso
The suffering experienced by Orunmila is the reason why Ifa no longer takes a day to manifest
It was Osa Oloyan that overdid it that makes people regard Babalawo as wizards.
The full story can be got from my first book, ” Ifa :Ohun Enu Olodumare / God’s sacred message to mankind, which the revised edition will soon be out.
Please, to the unitiates / clients, Ifa is not a magic. The sacred message of Olodumare must not be harassed, blackmailed and intimidated. If you can’t be patient with Ifa, don’t come to Ifa.
Those who have ears should listen.
Stay blessed.
Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria.

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