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“Shopping With A Nigerian Lady Is Like Signing One’s Death Warrant” – Ik Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna has stated that one of is his major reason for dating a Columbian Girl is basically because Nigerian Ladies can be expensive to date/maintain due to their high taste for material things.

Some men even went ahead to state that shopping with a Nigerian lady is similar to signing one’s death warrant. The actor who’s currently dating a Columbian Girl, Sonia Moralez. could have confirmed this Believe as he stated in a recently available interview with Hip TV he is happy dating his foreign lover while he does not need to worry to get the pretty lady Brazilian hair, which is now a craze among Nigerian ladies.

But, What worries me right now’s, Sonia Moralez, his columbian girlfriend actually requested via social networking that she wants a variety rover from IK. Isn’t this pricey when compared to a Brazilianhair? Lol!

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