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Nigeria Makes World Record in Health, FG

Following a transformation made under President Goodluck Jonathan in medical sector, the sector has been said to have assumed an esteemed status in the international community.

The Minister of State for Health Dr. Khaliru Alhassan announced this at the Public Affairs Forum stating the determination to attain the national Vision 20:2020 has generated the remarkable changes recorded in medical sector. Alhassan said the commitment of the Federal Government to the actualization of the Transformation Agenda has generated saving of plenty of lives. He explained,

“Through the Saving One Million Lives Initiative, more than 433,650 lives had been saved as at December 2013. The ministry is also working with the relevant agencies to enact/review the following legislations: National Health Bill, Anti-Tobacco Bill, NAFDAC Act, National Health Insurance Scheme Act, National Blood Transfusion Service Bill in order to completely change the face of the health sector in Nigeria.”

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