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A Zikist called Arthur Nzeribe who sold fake guns and duped Biafra

During the Biafra war, there was an Igbo man a Zikist called Arthur Nzeribe who sold fake guns and duped Biafra of millions of pounds yet you will never see Zikists insulting him for their failure in the Biafran war.

In fact, Arthur Nzeribe who was crucial in the destruction of Biafra became a Senator in Igboland in 1999. They knew he was a traitor but because of their hatred towards the Yoruba people, they would rather hide that history and spread hatred about Awolowo to Igbo youths and gullible ethnic minorities.

Secondly, there was another Igbo leader and diplomat called Asika Ukpabi who did the dirty; diplomatic work to ensure that Biafra was mostly isolated from the Western world. While Enugu was being bombed, Asika did the diplomatic “thing” and ensured Biafra lost the diplomatic war. Lastly, Nnamdi Azikiwe the father of the modern Igbo nation called his own people “REBELS”. He toured Western countries to tell European powers not to send Aids and ammunition to Biafra again.

Arthur Nzeribe, Askia, and Azikwe are Igbo men who are seen as great people in Igboland but do you know that these Zikists will not tell their young Igbos that the failure of Biafra was self-sabotage and self-induced destruction? They would rather paint lies to say Yoruba people are the reasons Biafra failed. Fola Oyewole, Ganiyu, Banjo, Soyinka, etc are examples of Yoruba soldiers who fought in the battle and bled for Biafra.

Fajuyi took Bullets for Ironsi in Ibadan and then handed over Ironsi to the counter-coup plotters. But despite all these sacrifices for the Igbo nation by the great Yoruba people, the Igbos largely will continue to indoctrinate their children with hate against Awolowo and by extension the Yoruba race. Why do they hate Awolowo?

They believe Awolowo was the man who stopped them from fulfilling their divine destiny, which was the political and economic takeover of the Western region. They believe their own leader Azikwe should have been allowed to rule and subjugate the Yoruba people in the Western region. That was the sin of Awolowo. In as much as Nigeria exists, they won’t stop in this hate; campaign because it is a culture:

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