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£300000 Pink Lamborghini
Britainís most garish car has been unveiled - a pink Lamborghini covered in pictures of Pamela Anderson. See SWNS story SWPAMBO. The £300,000 Aventador, dubbed the Pamborghini, was spotted in London over the weekend. And while there have been a number of unique Arab-owned cars arriving in the capital over the past fortnight, the Lamborghini is British-registered. It is believed the car is owned by Nitin Passi, the Manchester-based founder of retail website Missguided. The Pamborghini is covered in fake $100 bills along with pictures of the famous Baywatch star on the front and along the roof.

Photos: £300,000 Pink Lamborghini covered in Pics of Pamela Anderson (LOOK)

A £300,000 Lambroghini Aventador nicknamed Pamborghini painted pink and enhanced with pictures of Pamela Anderson was as of late seen in London and managed to raise a couple of eyebrows.

Named the ‘Pamborghini’, the V12, 6.5 liter ride is purportedly possessed by Nitin Passi, the founder of Manchester-based retail site, Missguided.

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