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6 Awesome Ways To Plan a Smooth Road Trip

Traveling as a group can be fun especially if you are with friends, family or colleagues.

If you there is a wedding, christening, retreat, conference, religious convention, or vacation around the corner, rather than sojourning alone, it is safer and enjoyable to travel with other people who share the same interests.

While this serves as a prudent means to trim the expenses accrued on each trip, planning this nature of travel could be time-consuming and frustrating. If poorly organised, the journey could go awry especially long distance journey from Lagos to Kano.


1)Agree on a price

This is the first thing that should be agreed upon when planning. Depending on the cost of renting the bus and the number of people who have signified their interest in embarking on the trip, a fair amount distributed evenly among the party can be contributed.

Also, ensure a deadline for payment is agreed upon, with reasonable expiration dates agreed upon.

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