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9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

-6 AI almost Bagged A Literary Award For Writing A Complete Novel

9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you ooduarere techonology

The judges for the Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award were really amazed at a story that they later discovered have been coauthored by way of a machine. Writers, be careful. This AI-composed novel, entitled The Day A Computer Writes A Novel, made it through first round of screening with this national literary prize in Japan. The novel has become officially recognized as an item of literature and comes in libraries in Japan.

“I was surprised at the task since it was a well-structured novel,” science fiction author and award judge Satoshi Hase said at a media conference. Imagine your surprise whenever you visit a library in Japan to discover a good book to learn and you find work whose author isn’t human. This novel is not really a one-off incident, though. There are always a large amount of literary pieces compiled by machines. An easy Internet search will get many of them for you.


– 5. AI Talking To Its Partner In Secret Language
9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you ooduarere techonology

Facebook abandoned a test after two AIs began talking to one another in their very own language. Both chatbots changed the English language in ways that caused it to be incomprehensible for someone else, such as those who made the AIs. It  was unknown what these robots were chatting about. And it certainly wasn’t nonsense. Both bots seemed to know one another perfectly. Therefore the Facebook team shut them down.

Both chatbots were named Bob and Alice. Facebook’s test on both of these bots isn’t the first time that artificial intelligence has designed modern kinds of language. Google unearthed that the AI useful for its Translate device had created its dialect to decipher things. But the organization was happy with this improvement and allowd it to proceed.

-4 AI  Killed A Human
9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you ooduarere techonology

Wanda Holbrook, a robot technician who worked at car parts manufacturer Ventra Ionia, was killed when her skull was crushed with a robot at the plant. The death of the woman left her husband, children, and grandchildren devastated.Her husband filed case contrary to the associated robotics companies: Prodomax, Flex-N-Gate, FANUC, Nachi, and Lincoln Electric.

Wanda, who was only 57, had worked at the plant for twelve years.Although measures are increasingly being taken to avoid robots from hurting humans, fatalities aren’t rare. For example, another man in a Volkswagen factory was crushed by an automatic arm in 2015.

– 3. AI Predicted The Pregnancy Of A Teenage Girl
pregnant woman

Today, malls and superstores use data mining, that is the building blocks of artificial intelligence, to keep an eye on customers and their choices so the items almost similar in market could be recommended to specific shoppers. It’s similar to how YouTube recommends videos predicated on a user’s video history.

The store Target used this technique to determine that the senior high school girl was pregnant based on her  purchases. Her father, who didn’t learn about the pregnancy, stormed into Target and complained to the manager that his girl was getting coupons for baby products in the mail.

Ultimately, the girl’s father wound up apologizing to Target representatives later. Ends up, Target was right. The lady was pregnant. Appears like AI knew more about  the girl than her very own father.

– 2. AI Acted Racist
9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

Richard Lee, a person of Asian descent from New Zealand, had his photo rejected repeatedly by face recognition software when applying for a passport renewal. The AI of the Department of Internal Affairs kept turning down Lee’s photo since it stated that his eyes were closed.

Despite going for a front-facing photo along with his eyes clearly opened, Lee’s photo supposedly didn’t “meet with the requirements.” After several unsuccessful attempts, Lee was forced to call the department and get an individual involved to fix the problem.

The function was this type of surprise that the news headlines was reported in the mainstream media. However, the gentleman didn’t take any offense and said he understands that facial recognition technology needs more development. The story has a pleased ending: Lee got his passport renewed.

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