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Functional And Stylish Furniture: How To Choose A TV Stand

There is a TV set almost in every home, except for those, where inhabitants just refuse to watch TV because of the lack of time or desire. At the same time, there are homes with several TVs placed in different rooms. It is surely entertaining, but sounds like TV sets occupy too much space. But don’t forget that its a XXI century, so there is a bunch of ways to optimize your home space and to do it with style. All you have to do is to define the size, material and design of a TV stand and buy it.

Types of TV Stands

You won’t face any difficulties, for there are as many versions of TV stands as there are different rooms.

Cantilever TV stand is usually wall-mounted, though it rests on the floor. This stand consists of two parts – a base and a spine. A spine, which rises up from the back, is a part, where TV is mounted. Stands may be different – from simple minimalistic versions to multifunctional shelves or small cabinets. It is a solid construction, which will not fall because of some bump. Despite solid mounting, the stand can be moved in case you decide to rearrange the room. There are models, where you don’t have to make holes in the wall and attach the stand to the floor instead.

Corner TV stand is a good solution for usable rooms and limited space. On the one hand, it is placed in the corner of a room – a place, which is hard to call suitable for wide variety of furniture. On the other hand, it is not just convenient, but also helps to make a room visually bigger.

Hideaway TV stand is also known as ‘pop-up stand’. It is an entire mechanism that allows to hide a TV inside the stand, when it is not needed. When the movie time comes, it pop ups from nowhere and is ready to entertain you. However, this feature is compensated by minor disadvantages – high price and occupying much space.

TV wall mount helps to create effect of a home theatre at home. Such stands don’t occupy much space – they don’t take floor space at all. However, you will not be able to move a TV set whenever you feel like rearranging the room.

Entertainment center will become a centerpiece of the room. Besides holding a TV, there is enough room for other entertaining components, as well as your personal stuff and decorative elements of interior.

Platform TV stand is distinctive by the minimalistic design and complete freedom. They aren’t attached anywhere, don’t have walls or backs. Sometimes such construction creates an illusion of a TV floating in the air, but if there is a chance for appearing of any safety issues, it isn’t going to secure your TV set that good.
What else to consider
After you pick the type of a TV stand, you can think about particular design elements.
Should it be wooden, glass or metal?
Should it have the opened shelves?
Do you need some room for audio equipment? Then should it be a stand with two audio towers?
Will a hutch or a cabinet be appropriate?
Is it better to get a stand with a swivel in order to turn TV screen and adjust it for watching from different positions?
Ask yourself questions and find the answers. It is the only way to find what you need.
Where to buy
You can visit stores and surf the net in days, or you can simply click and buy a TV stand here.

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