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Photos: Meet the New Aare Agbefaga of Oworonsoki Kingdom

Installation of Oloye Babalorisa Rudolph Eastman from Trinidad and Tobago as “Aare Agbefaga of Oworonsoki Kingdom” at the Palace of Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos on 4th September 2018 with Yeye Araba Banke Agboola, Oloye Dada Ifatoba, Erinmi of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Oloye Odunayoshola Afuwape, Iyalaje Ifa of Oworonsoki Kingdom and Oloye Fakunle Oyesanya, Agbongbon of Alakuko. Oloye Babalorisa Rudolph Eastman also received merit award by Yoruba Traditions Elders committee.

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