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About the Sacrifice (EBO) with the Duck (PẸPẸIYẸ, Abo Pépéye)

Teaching given by the Spirit Tata G, Emissary of Baba Odùdúwà at Egbé Ódùn Olófin,
When a duck is sacrificed, it is recommended that you see the duck’s eyes, and you will ask the duck, because the Duck talks to Olofin Òrun about what has been asked from the heart and purity of the people. Then it is desirable that everyone who saw the duck eyes to clean the eyes with Coconut, and pass 3 times the coconut over the eyes, and then a spin around the head, and then the coconut should be thrown to roll down the street. This is to clean the strong eye effect of the eyes of the duck on people, because the eyesight of the duck is very strong. The esoteric side about this is that the duck speaks and tells everything, so the sound that the duck makes of “Quaquack”. That is the reason why they cut in the windpipe of the duck during the ritual sacrifice.

Note by AWO Ifalenu: The old way of doing the Ebo with Duck as revealed by Baba Odùdúwà is to bite off the trachea of the duck by the Priest during the EBO Ritual and to put that trachea over the OTA (Sacred Stone) of the ÒRÌŞÀ.
Usually among the Yoruba-Lukumi practitioners in the Diaspora, the custom is to cover with a big leaf like Taro leaf (Malanga/ Taro root/ Colocasia esculenta) over the eyes of duck during the EBO in the Yoruba-Lukumi tradition.

The person who does not asks the divine with the whole Heart and with purity, that person should not expect that the duck will transmit the message directly to Olofin Òrun (The creator GOD), that is why almost all now do this part of the EBO with the Duct without knowing the reason behind it and they cover the eyes of the Duct.
The Duck usually is given to Yemoyale /Yemoja, to Agana Eri, to Olokun, to Olosa.

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