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Ebo – The weapon of all true traditionalist.

Ebo is powerfulEbo is prayerEbo solves the unseen problemsEbo helps prevent tribulationsEbo cleanse my soulIt makes me feel completeEbo doesn’t require human partEbo is pureEbo is the key I have used Àkùko to offer Ebo for victoryI have used Etù ...

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May all our Ebo be accepted by Olodumare Agotun !!! “

“I have used Àkùko to offer Ebo for victory I have used Etù to offer Ebo for peace of mind I have used Eyelé to offer Ebo for wealth I have used Abo adìye to offer Ebo for good spouse ...

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Anytime I’m doing Ebo, I feel lot of energy and forces around me.

I always felt like I’m not alone and never alone. Whether the person I’m doing the Ebo for is there or not, it will be accepted because the breeze of the Ebo will surely get to the rightful owner. Ebo ...

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About the Sacrifice (EBO) with the Duck (PẸPẸIYẸ, Abo Pépéye)

Teaching given by the Spirit Tata G, Emissary of Baba Odùdúwà at Egbé Ódùn Olófin, When a duck is sacrificed, it is recommended that you see the duck’s eyes, and you will ask the duck, because the Duck talks to ...

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