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Ebo – The weapon of all true traditionalist.

Ebo is powerful
Ebo is prayer
Ebo solves the unseen problems
Ebo helps prevent tribulations
Ebo cleanse my soul
It makes me feel complete
Ebo doesn’t require human part
Ebo is pure
Ebo is the key

I have used Àkùko to offer Ebo for victory
I have used Etù to offer Ebo for peace of mind
I have used Eyelé to offer Ebo for wealth
I have used Abo adìye to offer Ebo for good spouse
I have used Eku and Eja to offer Ebo for good children

May all our Ebo be accepted by Olodumare Agotun. Ase!!! “

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  1. Orelekan Runsewe

    Riru èbo n gbé ni! Airu èbo ki gbeniyan!!

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