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#Anikulapo (man with death in his pouch)

When you embrace Christ, you are bound to face crisis. No wonder we pray and fast. Those who bow to Allah, pelt rocks at Shaitan due to fear. If my God hides behind the clouds, it is certain I would be loud as well, when I pray and cry like an infant to get his attention.
Are you still surprised, that mere servants of God are loyal or ever baffled why a father can allow his son to be nailed to a cross ? Think not ! It was all by design.

That’s why sons and servants of God, hang each other with a noose of faith. The darkness in you is potent, faint light like faith can never penetrate. Embrace it ! Mortal like you should be proud today, because all these Gods are jealous you can live and die.

~ Odua Balogun Kakanfo

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