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Astronomer: Is this profession referenced anywhere in ODU IFA?

The Yoruba do not take names and naming lightly and every proper oruko which is not an “inagije” has a meaning relative either to the place of birth, the time of birth, the expectations at birth, the family Orisa, the family trade, the family social status e.t.c.

Some names are very rare to come by but they exist non the less. One such family/lineage name that I have come across only a couple of times and with different pronunciation by the different bearers is AWORAWO. This name could have two different meanings depending on how it is pronounced. It could mean “Awo ri Awo” an Awo encounters another Awo, which I suspect is the true meaning, but then again it could be a constricted form of the occupational description ‘A wo Irawo’, a literal translation into English would be ‘He who watches the Stars ‘ but actually it means ASTRONOMER.


16 Odu Ifa !

My question to this learned and inspired body relates to the second possibility ‘Astronomer’. Is this profession referenced anywhere in ODU IFA? If yes, it will be very interesting to know how and with which tools it was practiced. Aboru aboye.

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