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Check out Nigeria’s Top 20 Richest Musicians And Their Net Worth

Music has been paying seriously in Nigeria for as long as ten years. No big surprise normal Nigerian young people sees music as the speedy intends to riches and acclaim.

Why not! At the point when a decent number of artistes have ascended from nothing to something throughout the years, getting a taste of riches that can be only be imagined by verage individuals. The question is Who is the wealthiest among these musical artists and how much are they are worth?

In music, your ubiquity decides your value, you don’t make anything in the event that you are not well known. How do we etermin the prominence of an artiste? Try not to let their noises or that of their fans stun your ears, some aren’t worth that much, while some worth so much.

The most obvious method for knowing how famous a musical performer or music is, is by looking at its YouTube detail. On the off chance that you are well known, it will show on your YouTube sees, no manipulation. Furthermore, in the event that you have an incredible stat on YouTube, you are an extraordinary artiste, pulling in some decent coin.

Another means is through awards however since most music grants are intensely manipulated, we are going to skip awards and use of other means, for example, endorsement and ability to pull crowed and command great appearance fee. Self promotion isn’t going to tally in this rating.

Here I present to you the main 20 wealthiest musicians in Nigeria and their evaluated total assets. This list is the most detailed  and most precise you can find anywhere on the web. Enjoy!




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  1. I wish P’square could make the first Billionaire in the music industry worldwide. That is if you change their money to any world currency , they will remain a Billionaire.


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