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seyi law

Comedian SeyiLaw and friend, attacked by hoodlums in Lagos

seyilaw1: Olodumare is indeed Olodumare of all.
Let me just thank Olodumare for seeing me through all the challenges of the past month. Friends have not been able to get through to me due to the tedious schedules and happenings.
Finally, today I thought I was going home and having tomorrow all to myself to rest and catch up with friends only to have my car breakdown at Apongbon and some hoodlums attacked stabbing my friend in multiple places just because they wanted phones and money.
What would have become of me today? I am so grateful to Olodumare Almighty. They escaped before Police arrived, but I asked myself if people had come to our rescue and descended on the hoodlums wouldn’t people say SEYILAW was involved in jungle justice? Hmmmmm.
Ka sa ma dupe.
Thanks to the ever active Lagos Police PRO, SP Dolapo Badmos, @opetodolapo and all those that responded to my calls. Olodumare bless you.

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