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Ewe ati igi (Ọgẹgẹ́ leaf and tree)

Ewúrẹ́ ile Ẹgẹ́ kii jẹ ki wọn gun igi ọgẹgẹ
Àgùntàn ile ẹgẹ kii jẹ ki wọn gun’gi ọgẹgẹ
Ewe Ọ̀gẹ̀gẹ́ kii jẹ ki wọn gun Ọgẹgẹ

Ọ̀gẹ̀gẹ́ igi agunla o
Ọ̀gẹ̀gẹ́ ẹ oo
Igi agunla o
Ọbatala gun Ọ̀gẹ̀gẹ́ o
Igi ọrọ lo ma gun o

How could Ọbàtálá climb the Ọ̀gẹ̀gẹ́ tree? Only Ooṣa nla could perform such anti-gravitational feat.

The ogege tree and leaf are accorded respect. Goats stay away from it and show respect by not eating it, (Ebi kò níí pa ẹran kí ó lọ sí ìdí ẹ̀gẹ́; the goat will not go so hungry as to find it’s way to eat ogege leaf). But the leaf is useful for many ailments and cures. Herbalists in Yoruba land call it (Gbogbonṣe) which means cure all. (Igi ọwọ si ni pẹlu). Adults use the leaf to clean children’s mouth to prevent tooth ache and infection.It’s also a tree that’s accorded respect by humans as well.
It is usually planted in a compound, near the walls of a house or in the front yard.

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