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Fabricated/ Fake History of Yoruba Land and the People ! 

Fake Yoruba history!

The origin of the Yoruba is still not very clear but traditions of origin indicate  that the Yoruba have been living in their present habitat from time immemorial.  One version of these traditions talks of external migration into their present abode. It is stated that the Yoruba migrated from the East, the obscured region which has always been confused for Mecca, Yemen, Egypt or Benin.

This tradition of migration also talks of a group led by a crown prince, Oduduwa (that later became the father of the Yoruba people) who was driven out of Mecca by the Muslim for relapsing into idolatry and paganism. By the time Oduduwa and his party reached Ile-Ife (the cradle of the Yoruba race), he was said to have met another group of people whom he fought and imposed his authority.

While at Ile-Ife, Oduduwa had seven children from whom sprang the various group of the Yoruba nation. The first born, Owu, a princess, became the mother of Olowu (the King of Owu). The second child Alaketu, also a princess, was the progenitor of the Ketu while the third, a prince, became the King of Benin. The fourth child was Orangun, who became the King of Ila while the fifth was the Onisabe, the king of the Sabes. Olupopo was the sixth child and was the king and the progenitor of the Popo people.

The seventh child (sometimes confused for the grandchild) was Oranmiyan, a warlike prince, the progenitor of the Oyos and founder of Oyo Ile.
Before the present borders were imposed on Africa at the close of nineteenth century, the Yoruba speaking people had occupied an area stretch
between rivers Niger in Nigeria and Mono in Togo. The area is dotted with hills, rivers, rocks and low flat plateau. The land is fertile and fairly rich in natural resources. The vegetation of the area varies from forest to savannah. The weather experienced in this area are dry and wet seasons. These geographical and topographical features determine the form of occupation predominant among the Yoruba. Hence, agriculture, hunting, smithery, and carving were popular among them. The Yoruba people were also famous for their trade and commerce. While trading goods and services with their neighbours, they also exchanged ideas of new technologies and developments. Consequently, all
these factors aided the concentration of population and the growth of towns and cities. In fact, one of these towns, Oyo, soon grew to become a great empire, expansive in size and mighty in strength.


Real history -Correction !

Yoruba are not immigrant, Nigeria is their native land . If Oduduwa came from Mecca, in what language was he communicating with the people he met in Ile Ife? What language were the peoples whose leaders were Obatala , Ogun , Laroye , and etc speaks?

If Odu is the sacred text.. The point where life descended to Earth was Ile Ife and that was never Mecca. Orunmila went East and taught them Ifa not the other way around. Its sad to me when people want to connect Yoruba to East. Research your own archeology and you will find artifacts that existed before the Eastern civilization..

(Backings from Ifa university)
Even if we accept (hypothetically) the scientific assumptions that date earliest traces of Yoruba presence between 500 and 700 BC, based on lack of written evidence, not indicating that the city was empty before that, the story that Yoruba came from M
ecca I after osuduwa supposedly clashed with Muslims there is dismiss-able. If you look at the historical timing of the establishment of mecca and ile ife you will see that this is impossible. Mohammed died in the mid 600 s. Mecca wasn’t even conquered by Islamists prior to late 600s/early 700s. Give it another few years to establish itself as a Muslim bastion with enough significant Islam practice to clash over, we are in the early 700s now. Now, let’s say oduxuwa was really there and clashed with Muslims at that time, and led Yoruba to the west .

In a time where you wouldn’t get on a plane and reallocate a entire nation within a few hours, the man had to
1) mobilize his people ,
2) organize resources for the trip ,
3 ) travel across a continent, by foot, horse or camels, taking livestock, women, infants, kids and elders….and then even battle against enemies on the way, and eventually find the location of ike ife, settle, build houses and government, and other traceable signs of so defined civilisation ..how long does that take ?
Let’s say it took ten or twenty years for that entire process, even if less than that, it’s chronologically and physically impossible to be in two places at the same time, because – as far as contemporary methods of tracing go- mecca was conquered after or at the same time as Yoruba had established a fully functioning civilization in ile ife. I really have problems with stories that aim to portray Yoruba as on offshoot of a non-African culture, as much as I oppose the lies that civilization was born in the middle east, when all scientific evidence points at the fact that the center of mother Africa, the SPRING s of the Nile valley (not even khemet or sheeba, because they came after) , from the center of the African continent. All subsequent civilisations are traced back to this part of Africa, which is black africa. From there development traveled north to establish cultures along the Nile , and westwards. That’s probably the route oduduwa took, but people planted a lot of false (and meanwhile scientifically debunked info) to deny any idea that all human civilization erupted in black africa.

Egocentric historians white washed human history for the longest , acting as if there was nothing before “Egypt” ( presented with European features) or Babylon, because they could rather accept that their own civilisation came from middle eastern people than from blacks that they portrayed as inferior and wanted to keep it that way. Thanks to consistent findings in central African regions, there is proof that this region is the cradle of civilisation. I assume the Muslim story around oduduwa was told due to similar motivations. They were looking at a well established civilization in ile ife and the oyo kingdom, displaying a complexity of society that was not very common at that time. What do they do ? Well, if we look at what they always did is , first thing, deny that blacks could build such physical and social structures by themselves, and attribute their achievements to anther people, even if we have to credit a bunch of arabs in Mecca ( which didn’t even exist as such yet!!!) With their civilization. I don’t know if Europeans or Muslims invented those stories. I’m sure they’re are a result of cultural envy, and racial supremacy issues, but the timing doesn’t work and reveals the Mecca story as nonsense.



This fake history or fabricated history is the brainwash in an average Yoruba Muslim’s head. This is what they are made to believe. I never believed one bit in the fake history.

You can help yourself by re-investigating in African inv
isible religions/cultures and using the ethical values within those cultures to suppress, marginalize the ethical values, to arbitrate even the(West) conflict with the eastern cultures (religion/Islam).

Just to summarize the basic virtue (No long story) to which I attribute to these numerous invisible African religions/Cultures. He/you ‘ll find that among these African invisible religions/cultures..You will not find any of them, which has engaged in what you might call a religious war… Either a crusade or a Jihad in their entire histories.. (Be rest assured you will see a lot of propaganda, linking to their own cultures/traditions and you have just shared one above)

And I think this self hunting, arrogant cultures, east (islam) and west(Christianity) can humble themselves and try to learn from these anterior cultures which they have successfully suppressed.


That story about Oduduwa coming from Mecca is false , fallacy , and fantasy . Oduduwa probably share the same language with the people he met in Ife . According to oral history by the Gobirawa tribe of Sokoto State, Oduduwa was also said to be their master , this could only proof that Oduduwa came from Nok and that was before the interne of the Fulani and other immigrant into what is now known as Nigeria .


Have you been to Bagagry before in Lagos. You need to meet the people that lived in Badagry, the real owners of Lagos. You can compare them to Aboriginals of Australia. Yooba did not migrate from anywhere. This is fake history linking the Yooba people to Islam. A fairy tale if you ask me.

Go and check the Arabs in Northern Africa, you do think they were originally the owners of Northern Africa ? They were the intruders and used the same way the brits once terrorize most territories, taking lands under their control. Arabs have long been doing it before the West started.

The groups of people who existed in Yorubaland, by the seventh century BC, were not at first known as the Yoruba, in spite of the fact that they imparted a typical ethnicity and dialect. The chronicled Yoruba in situ, out of earlier (Mesolithic) Volta-Niger populaces, by the first thousand years B.c.e.

Oral history recorded under the Oyo Empire make the Yoruba as an ethnic gathering from the number of inhabitants in the more established kingdom of Ile-Ife . Archeologically, the settlement at Ife can be dated to the fourth century BC, with urban structures showing up in the twelfth century (the urban period of Ife before the ascent of Oyo, ca. 1100-1600, is off and on again portrayed as a “brilliant age” of Ife).

Go and check history. The oyo Empire… Yooba fought many wars in the past and mostly base on control. Oyo empire took control of Ife and became the strongest in the South western axis.

Even the slave trade, Arabs started it long before the west joined but the later exploited it more.
It is pure brainwash ! Total brainwash. Go check history when the 1st mosque was first built in Yooba land.


Oduduwa that famous fairy-tale history that came from Mecca or something was an intruder. Today’s terrorist like you have in the ISIS( loads of U.S fighters,British Fighters,Australian fighters, Wahabis of Saudi Arabia stealing land from Syria and Pakistan). This is common with the Arabs in stealing lands. And Adua or Oduaduwa used the same logic in Yooba land.. He kinda conquer Obatala..

The victors re-write the history!!

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  1. Most people don’t take those claims seriously. I agree with you some of those stories are attempts at white washing and arab washing. Oral traditions of various West African people either point out to an indigenous origin (in this case the ancient origin was probably forgotten) or the North and/or East for the very ancient origin of their people. Giving this north/east locations, the name given to those north/west locations like egypt, sheba, arabia, etc is only political and pure fabrication as those locations names didn’t even exist when West Africans were already in West Africa.

    I’ve studied the early history of African people (archaeology) since the Holocene (and a bit before) extensively. The holocene started some 10 000 years ago and was the moment when “modern” human cultures started to appear. Birth of animal husbandry, pottery, religious sacrifice of cattles and eventually up to today: agriculture, sedentary lifestyles, metalworks, etc.

    Yoruba people have an ancient common origin with most of modern West African people. That is Niger-Kordofanian speakers usually from the E1b1a DNA haplogroup. To cut things short, Yoruba people as well as most West African people, came from the Sahara when it was green many hundreds years ago (between 10 000 and 5000BC). Before that time, that is before 10 000BC, most of their genetic background seems to come from (north) Eastern Africa near Sudan/Ethiopia/Egypt. This is at a time period, I vaguely place between 20 000BC and 10 000 BC, much before Ancient Egypt or any known civilizations existed. Before that time, the history of human migrations is too difficult to analyze, almost no artifacts or human remains are left, but it’s fair to say those ancient northeastern Africans came from different locations in Africa (including Central Africa and Northeastern Africa itself) and eventually, when you go far back in time, it becomes the history of all humans before the OOA migrations (around 60 000BC). All humans have a common origin in Africa.

    The earliest artifacts left by West Africans archaeological culture had many similarities with earlier artifacts from the period of the green Sahara (between 10000BC-5000BC), like projectile points with Saharan styles and pottery with roulette impression. Thus modern West Africans were green Saharan migrants who settled in West Africa. When they arrived they met small groups of hunter-gatherers (from the A and B DNA haplogroup lineages) who were then totally assimilated by the migrants (from the P2/E1b1a lineages). Nor trace of them or their language still exist. Some still exist as Khoisans or Mbuti-related people in other locations in Africa.

    So that’s it. This is the early history of Niger-Kordofanian speakers and thus Yoruba people and other West African people. Then of course they settled in Nok and various locations in West Africa to eventually settle to where they now live. It started in Northeastern Africa in very ancient times, then those people migrated westward to the Green Sahara and then Southward toward Nigeria and other locations. I based my analysis on archaeology, linguistic and genetic. It also seems to conform to most oral histories in West Africa.