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If You Had Controlled His ‘Thing’ With Your Feminety; He Won’t Have Impregnated His Ex- Joy Akosa Slams Toke Makinwa

Oh no!  My hands are on my head and shouting ewooo!!. So sad, eyahh, pele, I definitely know how you feel. I am not an advocate of fake news, but if what I am hearing is really true then I am sorry for your misfortune. The news can be false and can be true, we don’t really know, since both party involved have decided to keep mute.

Anyway, my usual way, I will always say the truth and be plain. Toke Makinwa is my role model, in fact I love her so much; so it saddens my heart to hear that your husband whom you love so much and have spent almost 14 years with, cheated on you, well we know that is a norm with men, but he went as far as impregnating his ex. Jesus!!!. The most controversial part of it is that Toke herself hasn’t had an issue for her husband yet he used his thing well inside another woman.

Toke, jokes apart, something don’t seem to be right. While you prefer to be a make up model, ambassador for this and that, showing off at red carpets, anchoring night shows and all of that, your lovely husband has been busy working and calming his manhood inside his ex ‘fridge’. Anyway not my business. but the truth is that a woman should be able to balance her time, with her husband, children and work. Since you have no kids now, then your marriage is too early for you to sell out your home for a total stranger.

According to what Chinwe wrote in an article, she was right when she said “There is absolutely nothing different about this situation because it occurs on a daily basis but the reason why this is a huge deal is because the person-slash-victim in question has painted on social media, a fairytale picture of her marriage, even without being asked. It all happened in a blur anyway.


One minute Toke is announcing she has been engaged and was talking about an impending wedding and the next she is mouthing away about how much she isn’t going back to Maje after their last major breakup and all of a sudden viola! she got married at a registry to Maje despite having said it was impromptu and yet, her specially-made wedding dress fit perfectly.

The designer of the dress would unknowingly goof by blurting out on television that Toke called her 3 days before the wedding, to contract her to make the outfit.


So imagine Maje being caught up in all of it. Living the lie and having to go along with every charade.” Hmmm. Yeah right chinwe.


Toke, let me leave with you a piece of advice; please and please, peradventure you survive your way out of this marital crisis, please behave yourself, keep your love life out of social media, keep your ass at home with your husband and leave gallivanting alone.

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