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Ifá naa ki bayi wípé..

Sponsored by Oba Edu Faniyi Osagbami‎ in Àṣà Yorùbá

Good morning my people, Hope your night was greatly enjoyed, I pray as we are going out this morning that Eledumare will bless us with an abundant goodness Àse. 
It is Otua meji corpus that revealed at oke itase ile-ife during the world ifá festival, ifá advised each and everyone of us to appease ifá with two kola nuts and hen, and ifá medicine must also be done for us, ifá said he would not allow us to be in trouble of being facing a legal case with someone or other party, ifá said we must complied with advice so that we may not be jail or put to shame over the case.
Hear what the corpus said:

“Otín ni otín ejó”
Obì ni obì ìmòràn
Emun àìrírí ni emun àràjoòjo
It cast divided for younger people of ìpàpó and elders one when the both were quarelling with each other, younger people of ìpàpò were advised to offer sacrifice so that they can conquer the elders one, also, an elders one of ìpàpò were advised too to offer sacrifice so that they can conquer younger people of ìpàpò also, two kola nuts, hen and apolukuluku leaf but it was younger people of ìpàpò that complied with sacrifice and ifá incision medicine was prepared for them, the elders of ìpàpò refused to offer the sacrifice ,not too long the case was charged to the king’s house to do judgement between the two parties, when the both parties reached king’s house they stood separately facing each other, the king asked the younger people of ìpàpò to speak out their minds followed by the elders of ìpàpò too, and each of them spoke out their minds, but it was the speech of younger people of ìpàpò that king listen to, the case favoured the young people of ìpàpò, that is how they conquered the elders one, the younger people of ìpàpò started dancing and rejoicing praising their priest, their priests were praising ifá while ifá was praising Eledumare.
They started singing the song of ifá that:
A day that I faced judgement with them I was victorious 
A day that I faced judgement with them I conquered 
A war never wage and wage off younger people of ìpàpò. 
It is today I will speak out and conquered
Òrúnmìlà said if it is for his own diviner, hen do never kneeling for any judgement
It is the spot that apolukuluku sat on, that used to conquered the farm owner.
After we have use two kola nuts and hen to appease ifá, you will cut both ankles of the hen in the sense that the joint of the ankle will be at middle, you will also cut some ankles of apolukuluku leaf too, then grind it smoothly, mark iyerosun of this corpus on ifá tray and chant this verse and pray, put iyerosun to that medicine, then mix it together and make an incision on both knees and use the medicine to rub the incisions.
My people, I pray this morning that may we never experience any case, may we never be jail in life, and all problems shall be solved.

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