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IKÚ (Angel of Death / Irúnmọ̀le of Death)

IKÚ is not an ÒRÌŞÀ, it’s a type of special Irúnmọ̀le that rules the process of Death. When you see IKÚ in a Vision, in Dreams or in any way, and IKÚ gives you a KISS, you should run to go for Ifá or ÒRÌŞÀ Oracle Divination, and you need to ẸBỌ / Sacrifice fast and many other things. Is an Omen of Danger
If you see IKÚ in normal situations, it means Change, Transmutation, the end of a cycle or something in order for a new cycle to begin.

IKÚ is the name in the Yorùbá Tradition for what people know as the Angel of Death. IKÚ has 666 Aspects, 333 are Positive and 333 Negative.
The famous Number 666 is not the Number of Satan, the Beast in Reality refers to IKÚ in this Age, because many many will die, and already how many have died up to know in so many different situations. This was revealed by Baba Odùdúwà through his Elègún (medium) .

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