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Irete Iwori ati Iwori Obara !

Irete Iwori
Isu ire lo se e je epo
Epo ire lo se e je isu
obinrin du-un ba sun ju
bi o ba ba okunrin sun
bii koko bii eewo bii IKU bii agbaarin
bi o ba ba obinrin sun
bii layunkun bii layagba bii ladun momo
bii ladun mo ete
dia fun Orunmila
baba nlo gba Akala omo Orisa
e ma ma te’mo Orisa
e ma ma te’mo Orisa
e tee jeje
e ma ma te’mo Orisa

English Version:
We eat yam with right oil
We use the right oil to eat yam
It is very sweet and enjoyable to make love
with a woman than a man
if you make love with a man
bumps, boils, mucus and other diseases develop
if you make love to a woman
it is pleasing, sweet and enjoyable
This was Ifa divination for Orunmila
When he was going to rescue Akala
The child of Oosa

Iwori Obara
o do ganganna
o kan ganganna
dia fun iwori
tii ti ndo aya re looro
iwori o o de bere
a ti se ndo ni looro d’omo
iwori o o de bere

English Version:
you make love while standing
you make love while bending
this was the Ifa divination for Iwori
who always make love to his wife standing
Iwori kindly make love while lying down
It is wrong to make love while standing
(subtle reference to men being with each other)
Iwori kindly make love properly.


Love is a medicine for any kind of wound but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by loveeeee

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