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Kini oruko awon osere yii?

Inu fiimu wo ni foto yii ti jade?

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  1. Gbolahan Sotomi

    Agogo eewo. Baba Lere Paimo, Dr Larinde Akinleye ati Abiola Atanda….Madam Kofo.

  2. Segun Akerele

    Chief Lere Paimo, Alabi Yellow ati Biola Atanda aka Madam Kofo. Ninu fimu saworo ide.

  3. Tony Balogun

    Lere Paimo,Madam Kofo,Oloogbe Larinde Akinleye……nini fIimu Agogo Eewo,eyi ti ile ise Mainframe Production gbe sita


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