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Misinterpretation Of Yoruba Word Akalamagbo

Good day my people, how was your night? Hope it was greatly enjoyed, I wish you all a enjoyable weekend.
This morning I just want to correct the misinterpretation of Yoruba word for those of you that didn’t understood it very well, and misleading people here in africa and in diaspora.


It is wrong to say: Akalamagbo ki npodun je laisoro ile( akalamagbo will never do without celebrating annual festival). Akalamagbo is a bird, but Yoruba is reffering to one certain plant that used to come out once in a year.
The correct word is, Agannaigbo ki npodun je laisoro ile (agannaigbo will never do without celebrating annual festival). (Otura araa)

This is the photograph of the leaf that is called agannaigbo that shown below, as I used to say that ifa is not just only a poetry, there are so many books out there that you people depend on, but let me tell you, if you don’t know practical aspect in ifa cosmology(roots, leaves and akose) you are not a qualified babalawo.
My people, I pray this morning that we shall witness many years on the earth, whenever agannaigbo comes to the earth, all plants in the farm used to germinated a new leaf, and they didn’t experience hardship, I pray this morning that we shall all celebrate a new things and never experience hardship in our life amen. ABORU ABOYE OOO

Faniyi David Osagbami

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